Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 060

Game summary for June 17, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Wake of the Watcher adventure; PCs included Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk) and Zedd Zu’l Zorander (human abjurer/cleric/mystic theurge), accompanied by NPC companions Goldar (human barbarian) and Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric).

As the dark young of Shub-Niggurath spawned, Zedd and Nyssa cast a number of enhancing spells while Gnok consumed potions. The team then surged into the dome to engage the monstrosity! Nyssa cast haste while Zedd cast blessing of fervor. Gnok charged the creature and found his punches did little damage. He quickly changed stances to tiger style and slashed into its hide! Goldar entered a rage and began hacking with his axe! The dark young tore into Gnok and Goldar with flailing tentacles and grappled Gnok. Nonplussed, the dwarven monk continued to strike it repeatedly from within its coils. Zedd unleashed magic missile along with a critical scorching ray! Nyssa tried using acid arrows from her wand but missed. Gnok and Goldar continued to wear down the monster, but it was Zedd’s magic that finally took it down. As it died, the manifesting form of Shub-Niggurath outside the sphere vanished in a violent flash that cracked the dome. The team snatched up various items, including the Seasage Effigy (actually the Face of Dagon) from the area before the dome came down!

The group nursed their injuries and read a letter discovered in the dome.

“Necrophagous secrets whisper Through chronicles of Raven’s tongue”

These words, no doubt familiar to you, are your next task. Take the Seasage Effigy to G.L. in Illmarsh. He will exchange it for the legendary mace. When the item is in your possession, join your partner in Caliphas, and the Carrion Crown can finally be completed.

For the glory of the Whisperer,


The group then investigated the side chambers by-passed earlier. Within they discovered an insane cerebric fungus oracle! It posed several nonsense questions. “How do crustaceans propagate with barns?”, “Why are three ears better than seven?”, and “What is the orbital declension of the Lilac Star when sea snails cry beryllium tears?” Furious when the party could not respond, it attacked! It unleashed a star-shriek and then cast black tentacles. The grasping, grappling tentacles began crushing the party, but the team had gotten close enough to lay numerous attacks on the orb. Soon, it exploded with a sickening plop of goo!