Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 059

Game summary for June 12, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Wake of the Watcher adventure; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk), Varus Archlight (elf magus/arcane archer), and Zedd Zu’l Zorander (human abjurer/cleric/mystic theurge), accompanied by NPC companions Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric) and Pavlos Zervas (human fighter/rogue).

The group moved into another chamber and found a pair of mi-go and a dimensional shambler throwing bodies into a corpse chipper! Among the stack of bodies was the Mayor! A battle erupted instantly. The dimensional shambler seized Emilian and hurled him into the corpse chipper! He was hurled out the other end and landed in a bloody, injured heap. Pavlos closed in with a mi-go and was suddenly grabbed and eviscerated! In moments he was flayed open and killed. Dario, Varus, and Gnok began engaging the creatures and finding their attacks of various effectiveness. They began determining which attack forms were optimal against these foes. Meanwhile, Zedd unleashed a barrage of spells such as magic missile, lightning bolt, and telekinetic charge.

The mi-go were not out of the fight by a long stretch. One went toe-to-toe with Gnok while the other unleashed blast after blast from its mist projector. This caught several of the party repeatedly, harming them with frigid cold! Nyssa moved from party member to party member healing them. Meanwhile, the shambler picked up Pavlos’ body and hurled it into the corpse chipper, spraying it all over Emilian. Emilian attempted hitting the enemies with arrows with a limited effect.

Things began to turn around for the party as Dario was affected by an enlarge person spell and Varus hit all the enemies with a fireball. Nyssa blessed the group, and Zedd channeled positive energy. One by one the enemies fell. The group collected the mist projector and considered saying a few words about Pavlos. They then headed down another passageway and watched in horror as they witnessed the birth of a dark young of Shub-Niggurath!