Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 061

Game summary for June 26, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Wake of the Watcher adventure and Ashes at Dawn adventure; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), Varus Archlight (elf magus/arcane archer), and Zedd Zu’l Zorander (human abjurer/cleric/mystic theurge), accompanied by NPC companions Goldar (human barbarian) and Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric).

The group attempted to leave the tunnels but was attacked by a previously invisible gug savant! The horror tore into the group and activated a spike stones effect. The razor-sharp floor tore into the party’s feet while the monster slashed and bit. It grabbed up Varus and ripped him in half! The magus was thrown to two different sides of the cavern! The party tore into the gug, and soon Goldar hit it with a critical blow from his axe! Zedd then cast dispel magic to disperse the spike stones.

The team exited the caverns and returned to the surface via the sub-aqueous research and exploration vehicle. They then returned to Illmarsh and slept at Horace Croon’s. Zedd began studying the Book of Abstruse Geometries. The team then set out on horseback toward Caliphas.

On the third day, the team came to a stone bridge guarded by a headless horseman astride a flaming nightmare! The dullahan called out asking the party’s names, which they offered. It then called out to Dario, affected him with its death call. As it came thundering over the bridge, a pair of rotting dire ghoul wolves darted from the woods! One bit Goldar and paralyzed him! As he lay helpless, the wolf ripped out his throat! Emilian unleashed a barrage of arrows while the second wolf paralyzed Zedd. Fortunately, Emilian was able to provoke the creature to attacking him, which likely spared Zedd from Goldar’s fate. The paladin switched to his sword while Dario engaged the dullahan one-on-one.

Nyssa, and Zedd once he recovered, layered spell enhancements upon Emilian. He quickly cut down the dire ghoul wolves while Dario strategically fought a withdrawal to lure the horsemen closer to the team. Zedd unleashed two lightning bolts while Emilian and Dario fought in melee. Zedd warded the team from fire, and soon Dario cut down the headless undead!

The group searched the body and discovered powerful armor and weapons along with an exotic amulet of powerful and evil necromantic magic!

Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 060

Game summary for June 17, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Wake of the Watcher adventure; PCs included Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk) and Zedd Zu’l Zorander (human abjurer/cleric/mystic theurge), accompanied by NPC companions Goldar (human barbarian) and Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric).

As the dark young of Shub-Niggurath spawned, Zedd and Nyssa cast a number of enhancing spells while Gnok consumed potions. The team then surged into the dome to engage the monstrosity! Nyssa cast haste while Zedd cast blessing of fervor. Gnok charged the creature and found his punches did little damage. He quickly changed stances to tiger style and slashed into its hide! Goldar entered a rage and began hacking with his axe! The dark young tore into Gnok and Goldar with flailing tentacles and grappled Gnok. Nonplussed, the dwarven monk continued to strike it repeatedly from within its coils. Zedd unleashed magic missile along with a critical scorching ray! Nyssa tried using acid arrows from her wand but missed. Gnok and Goldar continued to wear down the monster, but it was Zedd’s magic that finally took it down. As it died, the manifesting form of Shub-Niggurath outside the sphere vanished in a violent flash that cracked the dome. The team snatched up various items, including the Seasage Effigy (actually the Face of Dagon) from the area before the dome came down!

The group nursed their injuries and read a letter discovered in the dome.

“Necrophagous secrets whisper Through chronicles of Raven’s tongue”

These words, no doubt familiar to you, are your next task. Take the Seasage Effigy to G.L. in Illmarsh. He will exchange it for the legendary mace. When the item is in your possession, join your partner in Caliphas, and the Carrion Crown can finally be completed.

For the glory of the Whisperer,


The group then investigated the side chambers by-passed earlier. Within they discovered an insane cerebric fungus oracle! It posed several nonsense questions. “How do crustaceans propagate with barns?”, “Why are three ears better than seven?”, and “What is the orbital declension of the Lilac Star when sea snails cry beryllium tears?” Furious when the party could not respond, it attacked! It unleashed a star-shriek and then cast black tentacles. The grasping, grappling tentacles began crushing the party, but the team had gotten close enough to lay numerous attacks on the orb. Soon, it exploded with a sickening plop of goo!

Mutants & Masterminds – Game Session – 001

Game summary for June 14, 2014, Toys Will Be Toys adventure, Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition; PCs included A.N.G.E.L., Bluster, Outstanding Man, and the Pachyderm.

The team responded to a burglary alarm at the Fun-Time Toys factory during the undead pirate invasion of the city. Upon arriving, they discovered a trio of hostile RoboPoochies and a massive Box ‘N’ Bot! Outstanding Man smashed one RoboPoochie with a florist truck and hit another with a dumpster. Bluster and A.N.G.E.L. unleashed a barrage at the others. The dogs closed in with the Pachyderm while the Box ‘N’ Bot began swinging. It didn’t take long for the RoboPoochies to incapacitate Pachyderm, but the team dispatched them soon enough.

Inside the building, they found two unconscious security guards. The team brought them to and learned the factory was under attack from various robots. The guards ran off to get the authorities while the elevators opened and disgorged another RoboPoochie and five Lil’Gigantosaurs! The fire-breathing purple dinos melted parts of the walls and launched their power fists into the heroes. Bluster seemed particularly adept at picking them off with his wind blasts. The Pachyderm joined in by sucking down gulps of water from the fountain and blasting the robots. Outstanding Man and A.N.G.E.L. flew down the hall to engage. Soon, a second elevator opened to reveal six tiny Space Patrol Action Figures! Soon, lasers, fire, and miniature dinosaur fists were blasting about all over the hallway! It took a while, but the group finally destroyed all of the robots!

Up on the 4th floor, the team discovered the infamous Toy Boy destroying files at a computer. His four Box ‘N’ Bots, a RoboPoochie, and a robotic Chuckles the Clown moved to protect him. Outstanding Man began smashing robots with desks. Bluster summoned a blinding cloud around Toy Boy to distract him, and the Pachyderm began smashing the heads off of robots. Outstanding Man smashed Toy Boy up against a wall with a desk, and Bluster knocked him out with a wind blast! Soon the team smashed the remaining robots and apprehended the reprehensible Toy Boy! They learned he was angry over Fun-Time Toys stealing some of his plans and turning them into children toys!

Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 059

Game summary for June 12, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Wake of the Watcher adventure; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk), Varus Archlight (elf magus/arcane archer), and Zedd Zu’l Zorander (human abjurer/cleric/mystic theurge), accompanied by NPC companions Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric) and Pavlos Zervas (human fighter/rogue).

The group moved into another chamber and found a pair of mi-go and a dimensional shambler throwing bodies into a corpse chipper! Among the stack of bodies was the Mayor! A battle erupted instantly. The dimensional shambler seized Emilian and hurled him into the corpse chipper! He was hurled out the other end and landed in a bloody, injured heap. Pavlos closed in with a mi-go and was suddenly grabbed and eviscerated! In moments he was flayed open and killed. Dario, Varus, and Gnok began engaging the creatures and finding their attacks of various effectiveness. They began determining which attack forms were optimal against these foes. Meanwhile, Zedd unleashed a barrage of spells such as magic missile, lightning bolt, and telekinetic charge.

The mi-go were not out of the fight by a long stretch. One went toe-to-toe with Gnok while the other unleashed blast after blast from its mist projector. This caught several of the party repeatedly, harming them with frigid cold! Nyssa moved from party member to party member healing them. Meanwhile, the shambler picked up Pavlos’ body and hurled it into the corpse chipper, spraying it all over Emilian. Emilian attempted hitting the enemies with arrows with a limited effect.

Things began to turn around for the party as Dario was affected by an enlarge person spell and Varus hit all the enemies with a fireball. Nyssa blessed the group, and Zedd channeled positive energy. One by one the enemies fell. The group collected the mist projector and considered saying a few words about Pavlos. They then headed down another passageway and watched in horror as they witnessed the birth of a dark young of Shub-Niggurath!