Flight of the Phoenix – Game Session – 008

Game summary for December 13, 2012, Flight of the Phoenix Spelljammer campaign; present PCs included Amothar Skyblade (elf fighter/mage), Moto Patton (giff myrmidon), Zirin (dracon swashbuckler), Zorn Seregon (psionicist) along with Callisto (fighter/psionicist), Elaina of Ptah (cleric), and Safana bent Anwar (sorceress).

Callisto and Zorn put their heads together and used psionics to heal the infections caused by the heucuva.   With that concern resolved, the team moved further into the temple.  As they progressed, panels in the walls shifted and four mummies emerged!  The fighting was intense, with the party finding their weapons only partial effective!  Even the mighty Moto was barely harming the undead monsters.  With a combination of weaponry and spells, the team eventually brought them down, but not before Amothar, Zorn, and Callisto were infected with mummy rot!  Elaina used her last cure disease spell to recover Zorn, but the others would have to wait until the team returned to a Crystal Sphere.

The team continued and found a throne room with a great mummy pharaoh and his four undead minotaur guardians!  Several of the team were paralyzed with fear immediately, but Safana proved her worth by blasting three of the mummitaurs apart with a single lightning bolt!  The greater mummy tried to hold Moto, but his strange anatomy proved impervious.  It then cast spike stones to try and slow the party’s advance to little avail.  Zirin and Moto closed in and began landing blows, which the mummy returned.  However, the mummy stood no chance and was blasted apart by Amothar’s magic missile!

With the temple occupants defeated and treasures recovered, the team headed back to the Pisces to continue their journey.

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