Flight of the Phoenix – Game Session – 004

Game summary for October 25, 2012, Flight of the Phoenix Spelljammer campaign; present PCs included Moto Patton (giff myrmidon), Zirin (dracon swashbuckler), Zorn Seregon (psionicist) along with Elaina of Ptah (cleric) and Safana bent Anwar (sorceress).

Moto kicked open the last door in the dragonfly and discovered two more aartuk.  The fight was short and brutal, and the team searched the ship finding several gems and a forgotten spellbook!  Moto unbolted the lifejammer and carried up top where he discovered more aartuk coming out of the hold!  He smashed one the helm while the rest of the team ran upstairs.  Zirin moved ahead to engage, Zorn tried to active his inertial barrier, and Safana cast conjure sand lion to devour one of the beasts.

The team debated what to do with the dragonfly and realized they had no means of propelling it.  Thus, they abandoned the ship.

A few days later, the alert sounded as the ship slowed from spelljamming speed once again.  Over the railing the team could see a pod of kindori space whales!  After watching for a while they noticed a night scavver entering the atmosphere!  Zirin made sure Ashana did not get herself hurt too close to the rail.  Zorn tried to disintegrate the creature but was unable.  Moto fired arrows inaccurately.  Elaina blessed the party and later hit the scavver with a spiritual hammer.  Safana used a pair of lightning bolt spells to slain the beast!  The crew ate well for days!

Several more days into the trip, they came across the wreckage of The Maiden’s Joy.  Floating on one piece was the unconscious form of a blonde woman.  After a few minutes of debate, the team rescued her and used cure light wounds to bring her conscious.  She revealed the squid ship had been destroyed by a beholder scout vessel!  She was distraught over the loss of the rest of the crew, except for a single petrified man named Hudson they found floating by.  A brief search revealed no other survivors, so the team left the area.

The woman, named Callisto, warmed up to her rescuers and agreed to sign on for six months.  The team learned she is a trained warrior and psionicist and former member of an adventuring company that sought out pirates and other dangers to keep the spaceways safe.

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