The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief – Game Session – 010

Game summary for September 6, 2012, Priscus Venatus campaign, G1: The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief adventure; present PCs included Crularin Gellantara (druid), Drake Spellking (human cleric/magic-user), Emeran Galathar (elf fighter/magic-user), Jorr Brainmangle (orc fighter) along with henchman Mara Woodstride (elf fighter/magic-user).

The team, joined by Jorr Brainmangle of the orcs, moved through the underhalls looking for more weapons.  They had armed Jorr with Blackrazor, and bloodlust had him rushing ahead looking for giants.  They discovered a secret stairwell and sent Crularin up too look around.  He found a map room, and they decided this would be the perfect entranceway to the upper level for their orc troops.

The team continued searching around and discovered three hostile stone giants!  One giant smashed a brazier of coals into the party’s faces while the others hurled rocks!  Crularin unleashed a wall of fire, Drake fired off spiritual hammer, and Mara used magic missile.  Brutal melee ensued with lightning bolts and magic going all over!  Crularin discovered he has a wand of wonder and quickly used it to blast himself and the giants with a fireball!  Soon, the fight was over with the Swords of Greyhawk victorious.

Satisfied they had found all the items and weapons they could, they returned to the caves to rally the orcs.

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