Halloween Hootenanny VII – Ghostbusters RPG – Game Session

Game summary for October 27, 2012, Pumpkin Patch Panic (shortened) adventure; present characters included Corey Jackson, Mallory Tillis, Mihashi Fumio, Rakesh Dutta, Roland McIvers, and Stan Blevins.

The night’s adventures began in the midst of a crazy Halloween night.  Already the team had hunted for a werewolf downtown and only succeeded in blasting a beloved pet sheep dog.  Later, they responded to a call at Butcher Mansion where a séance to contact axe murderer Sam Haney went horribly wrong.  The team blasted a bunch of apple spooks who started bobbing for the guests!  They then followed a lead to an old cemetery next to the Stuffin’ Stuff Mortuary Supply Company.

Outside the gates, they discovered a bizarre sign declaring “Pumpkin Patch Off Limits!”  Moments later, a young boy stepped out of the bushes and introduced himself as Chip Chocolate.  Chip asked the ghostbusters to find his friend Lionel and dog Snooty.  The team entered the cemetery and was soon attacked by a trio of ghosties with a love for throwing tombstones!  Proton packs blasted away, destroying several tombstones and burning down at least one tree.  Finally, all three ghosts were trapped, but they had to run back to HQ to empty the traps.

The team then found Lionel and Snooty in an old mausoleum.  Lionel was nearly hysterical and wrapped up in his blanket.  Snooty, strangely, was walking around upright, wearing a scarf and pilot hat, and making machinegun sounds toward an unconscious man in the corner.  The team played charades with the odd dog, took some readings, and decided to leave Lionel where he was for now.

Soon, the group discovered a vast pumpkin patch filled with glowing orange gourds.  A dark figure on a flaming horse appeared and revealed himself as Samhain, Lord of Halloween!  The creature offered the ghostbusters a contest:  smash one gourd and banish Samhain for a year or smash the other and release the ghosts of seven savage murderers!  The ghostbusters examined both pumpkins, took readings, and decided on one.  It was incorrect!  Samhain cackled as the spirits were released and proclaimed Halloween eternal until all were put to rest!  He gave them a sporting chance, however, in the form of a scroll listing the names of the killers, what they did, and how they died.

The team was unsure how to proceed and were returning to HQ when their office associate, Kathy, called over the radio with an urgent dispatch back to Butcher Mansion!  Seems there was some major ghost activity going on!  The team sped off to the massive house and the Halloween party going within.

As they pulled into the drive, there passed by a speeding vampire in a pink Chevy!  The team wheeled about and pulled him over.  They discovered his license was several hundred years expired, and he turned into a bat and flew away.

Perplexed, the team headed up to the mansion and found several police cars out front.  The officers said they could see in some of the windows, and saw lots of blood, but they could not enter the house, and no one could leave.  Apparently unaware of the possible deaths, the party was still in full swing!  The ghostbusters used their proton packs to blast through some sort of force field and enter, but the field sealed behind them.  Inside they found a party raging with people in costume dancing alongside fully manifested ghosts!

The ghostbusters looked around and found the servants’ wing.  In one of the rooms they found body parts and a suit of skin (still dripping) along with a floating axe.  One of the team threw up, which caused another to vomit into his pack!  They went to the bathroom to clean up the mess and found a ghost in the form of a talking poo swirling down the drain yelling “Hi-dy ho!”  The team then found another servant room with a young man impaled and pinned to the wall with screwdrivers in the closet.

The ghostbusters decided to get the guests out and tried to blast through the field again.  This just brought on panic and several injuries.  Then the team had a conversation with a ghost of a cheerleader named Cindy who told them about a mean ghost in the garage.  They entered and found the hulking, pasty white spirit of Michelle Mayor clubbing some party goes with a hammer!  An epic battle ensued with proton packs proving useless.  The team tried hitting her with a jack and shovel, to no avail.  Knowing she had been crushed to death under a car, they tried to run her over with a car parked in the garage but failed.  Finally, the car got flipped over and landed on her toe, which caused her pain.  The team finally jacked the car up and conned her into trying to fix it.  They then released the jack and put the ghost to rest!

Next they went looking for the kitchen where they expected to find the Kelsey triplets.  Inside the three ghosts were slicing cheese, and they quickly attacked!  Hijinks ensued, and Stan found a party goer with a Chad R. Cheese mouse costume.  He quickly traded outfits and ran into the kitchen, scaring the three ghosts (who were killed by thousands of rabid rats) into nonexistence.  In the process, he also ended up covered in melted cheese.  He spent the rest of the evening in the cheesy mouse suit.

The group then went from bathroom to bathroom looking for the ghost of Abnormal Crates, a psycho who killed people in the shower.  They were frustrated and unable to find him when a wet naked woman partial wrapped in a towel came screaming across the foyer yelling about a man with meat cleaver in the bathroom.  The group ran to investigate and found the shower running but no sign of Mr. Crates.  Knowing the ghost was drowned by a cross-dressing football player, Corey put on a dress and wig over his uniform and stood in the shower while the team waited outside the door.  Nothing happened.  So, he stripped butt naked (but for a soaked towel wrapped around his head), and waited.  The curtains whipped open, and Abnormal Crates attacked!  Stan ran in, grabbed the ghost, and gave him a brutal swirly!  He nearly lost his grip from shock when he saw Corey was still naked but managed to drown the ghost and put him to rest.

With only two ghosts to go, the team went looking for Groggy Gruber, a killer of school children who was burned at the stake as a warlock.  Rakesh put on an Angus Young costume, and the group went into the wine cellar.  The discovered scratch marks on the floor and found a secret doorway!  On the other side was a hot furnace room and spike-fisted Groggy Gruber and his hideously burned visage!  One of the team made a Molotov cocktail from the wine and started him on fire, while another took a mop and shoved him into the furnace, but the stubborn ghost clung tenaciously to the opening!  Roland did some quick physics and mathematical deductions, took the mop, and tried to leverage Groggy into the fire.  A moment later he slammed the handle into Groggy’s groin and just kicked him in!  The ghost cried foul on the low blow but disintegrated into vapor all the same.

Finally, Rakesh donned a Boy Scout costume and went out on the patio that suddenly transformed into a campfire scene!  A massive man with a brown paper bag of his head stood before them holding a hook.  The team noticed a small hole in the front of the bag and the appearance of blood all around it and soaking through.  The team hit the campfire killer, Jimmy Lee Kurtz, with all they had, which was to say they were completely ineffective.  Jimmy started hooking the team, causing injury and panic.  Meanwhile a car backfired, causing the ghost to jump.  Another team member did a cartwheel through the air and whipped the bag off his head, revealing a gunshot wound as his fatal injury!  One of the team went running into the mansion, found the trophy room, and snagged a hunting rifle.  Another team member, unsure if a gun was even in the house decided to bluff the ghost!  He pretended his proton pack was a rifle, took aim, and yelled “bang!”  The shock was so great it scared Jimmy Lee right back into the grave!

With a booming laugh, Samhain appeared and congratulated the ghostbusters on raining on his parade.  As he disappeared into a puff of orange smoke, he called out, “See you next year!”

Flight of the Phoenix – Game Session – 004

Game summary for October 25, 2012, Flight of the Phoenix Spelljammer campaign; present PCs included Moto Patton (giff myrmidon), Zirin (dracon swashbuckler), Zorn Seregon (psionicist) along with Elaina of Ptah (cleric) and Safana bent Anwar (sorceress).

Moto kicked open the last door in the dragonfly and discovered two more aartuk.  The fight was short and brutal, and the team searched the ship finding several gems and a forgotten spellbook!  Moto unbolted the lifejammer and carried up top where he discovered more aartuk coming out of the hold!  He smashed one the helm while the rest of the team ran upstairs.  Zirin moved ahead to engage, Zorn tried to active his inertial barrier, and Safana cast conjure sand lion to devour one of the beasts.

The team debated what to do with the dragonfly and realized they had no means of propelling it.  Thus, they abandoned the ship.

A few days later, the alert sounded as the ship slowed from spelljamming speed once again.  Over the railing the team could see a pod of kindori space whales!  After watching for a while they noticed a night scavver entering the atmosphere!  Zirin made sure Ashana did not get herself hurt too close to the rail.  Zorn tried to disintegrate the creature but was unable.  Moto fired arrows inaccurately.  Elaina blessed the party and later hit the scavver with a spiritual hammer.  Safana used a pair of lightning bolt spells to slain the beast!  The crew ate well for days!

Several more days into the trip, they came across the wreckage of The Maiden’s Joy.  Floating on one piece was the unconscious form of a blonde woman.  After a few minutes of debate, the team rescued her and used cure light wounds to bring her conscious.  She revealed the squid ship had been destroyed by a beholder scout vessel!  She was distraught over the loss of the rest of the crew, except for a single petrified man named Hudson they found floating by.  A brief search revealed no other survivors, so the team left the area.

The woman, named Callisto, warmed up to her rescuers and agreed to sign on for six months.  The team learned she is a trained warrior and psionicist and former member of an adventuring company that sought out pirates and other dangers to keep the spaceways safe.

Flight of the Phoenix – Game Session – 003

Game summary for October 18, 2012, Flight of the Phoenix Spelljammer campaign; present PCs included Moto Patton (giff myrmidon), Zirin (dracon swashbuckler), Zorn Seregon (psionicist) along with Elaina of Ptah (cleric) and Safana bent Anwar (sorceress).

The Legion of the Schwartz snagged the remaining goblin blade vessel and went inside to discover a damaged ship with a lifejammer helm.  Realizing the potential danger, the team shoved the ship out of their gravity field and left.

Several days later the team came upon a dragonfly ship adrift in space.  Vibrant plants covered the upper deck, and an eerie green glow emanated from the forward ports.  Captain Robilard maneuvered the ship upside down over the air envelope of the dragonfly, and Zorn used a trail of ropes and the levitate psionic power to cross from one ship to another taking skeleton from Moto’s bone of animation with him.  Once on the other ship, he was snared in a plant similar to a Venus fly trap.  Seeing his distress, Zirin tried to use the rope to cross but found Safana’s knot skills lacking.  Moto convinced the Captain the air must be good due to Zorn’s condition, and he finally agreed to pull up alongside.

More fly traps snared the party as they crossed over, and Moto went on a mowing stint with his bastard sword.  Zirin and Zorn moved into the main concourse and bridge where they discovered nearly half a dozen aartuk warriors!  The plant men attacked by launching hardened resin pellets and sticky lashing tongues.  Zorn protected the group with an inertial barrier to slow the pellets.  Zirin engaged in melee, and Moto opened one of the cabin doors to discover an elder aartuk!  Before it could cast spells on him, he hacked it to pieces with his sword!  The massive giff then charged one of the walls to crash through and instead nearly laid himself out on the floor.  Meanwhile, Zirin climbed up on the helm to make room, slipped, and bonded with a lifejammer helm!  It nearly killed her, but she survived its deadly embrace.

The battle was violent but short, with the team victorious in the end.  With one more cabin to explore, the team has regrouped and prepared for whatever horrors may lie beyond.

Flight of the Phoenix – Game Session – 002

Game summary for October 11, 2012, Flight of the Phoenix Spelljammer campaign; present PCs included Amothar Skyblade (elf fighter/mage), Moto Patton (giff myrmidon), Orophin Calafalas (half-elf bard), Zorn Seregon (psionicist) along with Elaina of Ptah (cleric) and Safana bent Anwar (sorceress).

A few days after encountering the gnomes, an alert sounded as the Pisces slowed out of spelljamming speed.  Closing rapidly were three goblin blade ships!  During this shift, Zorn and Moto were sleeping and scrambled to get ready while the rest of the party braced for the attack.  Elaina both blessed and prayed for the party, Safana turned invisible, and Orophin rallied the team with a rousing tale and drum beat.

The goblins aboard fired grapple chains affixed to ballista bolts to snare the Pisces and grapple.  Then goblins swarmed the gunwales and flooded onto the ship.  The team went to work immediately with Moto laying waste with his massive sword.  Amothar tried to use chill touch and missed his target.  Safana conjured a sand lion to maul some of the goblinoids.  Elaina used spiritual hammer to drive back the onslaught.  As the goblins died, more swarmed over from the tiny blade ships.  Zorn tried, and failed, to levitate psionically while Safana blasted two goblins off the ship with lightning bolt.

Things were going fairly well when Orophin cast Melf’s minute meteors.  He directed the first at a wooden portion of the goblin blade, which burst into flame.  Amothar followed it with affect normal fire to double the size of the flames, realizing too late the ship was tethered by chain to their own wooden vessel!  Orophin’s next shot went wide and caught their own ship ablaze!  Moto scrambled to get to the chain but was hampered by the press of creatures.  He picked up Captain Robilard and set him aside and swatted down some more goblins.

Watching the carnage, Zorn concentrated and blasted one goblin apart with project force.  He later spun about and used control flames to animate the fire on the Pisces and “walk” it over onto the goblin blade and right down the hatch!  Moments later, he animated the fire on the blade and sent it down after the first, closing the hatch behind it!  At that moment, mighty Moto severed the grapple chain.  Meanwhile, Amothar had an unfortunately mishap with chill touch and weakened himself.  More misfortune struck as the sand lion tripped over its own paws and face-planted on deck.

Finally, the last of the goblins aboard were slain.  The two remaining goblin blades sped off, and the team put the flames out on the third and recovered the vessel.

Flight of the Phoenix – Game Session – 001

Game summary for October 4, 2012, Flight of the Phoenix Spelljammer campaign; present PCs included Amothar Skyblade (elf fighter/mage), Orophin Calafalas (half-elf bard), Zirin (dracon swashbuckler), Zorn Seregon (psionicist) along with Elaina of Ptah (cleric) and Safana bent Anwar (sorceress).

The Legion of the Schwartz formed as a mercenary company hiring on as guardians and protectors of the space trade vessel, The Pisces.  Before departing, they hired henchman assistants, Elaina of Ptah and Safana bent Anwar to join them.

The Pisces is traveling from the crescent-shaped planet Ginsel in Greyspace to the Rock of Bral orbiting planet Glyth in Realmspace.  The team faces approximately 3 months of space travel including two passes through wildspace and a jaunt in the Phlogiston.

Two days out of Ginsel, Captain Robilard pointed out a pack of grey scavvers that slipped into the atmosphere while passing an asteroid.  He tasked the team with eliminating the pack to preserve the ship’s air supply.  The team tried several tactics including hurling sling stones and drifting out toward the beasts on a rope.  Zorn hit one scavver with project force and injured it.  When it drew blood, they realized the scavvers could be attracted to meat.  Zorn then used animate object to use a rope and hook to snag a scavver for Amothar to harpoon.  They then used similar hooks to fish and catch the scavvers and kill them.

A few days later, the ship slowed from spelljamming speeds once again as another ship was spotted.  Crewman Faris shook his head and spit as he realized the incoming vessel was crewed by tinker gnomes!  The gnome ship tied off and trading ensued.  They offered to sell miniature giant space hamsters, but the party declined.  Captain Robilard did purchase a steam-powered rapid drink machine brewing some strange, strong, black, hot beverage.  Soon after, the gnomes departed.