Drums on Fire Mountain – Game Session – 008

Game summary for March 15, 2012, In Search of Adventure campaign, X8: Drums on Fire Mountain adventure; present characters included Dinendel “Legend” Telemnar (elf swashbuckler-enchanter), Meriwen Arnatule (elf swashbuckler-enchanter), Nicholae Dragos (cleric elder), and Theobald Goblinbane (dwarf myrmidon).

The room of horrors disgorged nearly a dozen shrunken hideous corpses with long sharp claws!  The creatures swarmed around Meriwen, tearing into her flesh and poisoning her with the venomous bile dripping from their talons!  Nicholae, too, was afflicted.  The poison sapped their strength, making them slow and ponderous.  Thinking quickly, Ma’Kala blessed most of the party while Legend hastened the group.  A fierce battle was joined, and devout Nicholae began driving the undead back through his pious faith.  While they went back, the rest of the team closed in and picked off the small monsters one by one.  Elasha proved especially effective in the battle, her skills with the short sword shining!

Theobald ran (hastened) about the battlefield hurling his spear and recovering it, only to hurl at another opponent.  Meriwen spent most of the fight in flight from pursuing topis, which would have killed her but for the healing power of Ma’Kala.  Soon, however, the fight was over with the Conquerors of Chaos victorious.

The group then searched the areas and found a secret door.  When “opened” it revealed a trap—a crushing 15-foot slab of stone!  Several of the party were injured but all survived.  They then followed booted tracks down a three-quarter mile corridor they hastened down in short order.   At the end, they discovered and threw open a door.

Within the massive room rubble littered the floor.  A gaping tunnel disappeared into darkness, and an enormous purple worm writhed in agony, a scorch burnt down its side.  It lunged for the party in rage and hunger!  The group reacted more quickly, however, and charged into the fray.  Meriwen launched a fireball on its flank, burning it even more.  Nicholae hammered it and Elasha came in swinging with haste.  Then, the mighty Legend charged in and slew the beast with his terrible swift sword!

Searching the rubble, they found a scroll and a torn black cloak like the one worn by the missing pig cult leader.  The group opened two other doors exiting the room to reveal identical hallways and a choice of direction.

The above summary is for a game session of Dungeons & Dragons BECMI / RC edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.