Drums on Fire Mountain – Game Session – 006

Game summary for March 1, 2012, In Search of Adventure campaign, X8: Drums on Fire Mountain adventure; present characters included Dinendel Telemnar (elf hero-magician), Nicholae Dragos (cleric curate), and Theobald Goblinbane (dwarf hero).

The Conquerors of Chaos continued their interrogation of Maerie until convinced she was a captive held for ransom.  They then proceeded into what appeared to be a bedroom and discovered a large pig costume stuffed into a chest.  The group then discovered a ransacked magical lab with a strange stone throne in the center.  When Theobald plopped down on the throne, he could suddenly see (and be seen) in the volcano room where kara-kara began throwing spears at him.  He jumped up and “returned” his consciousness to the lab.  Searching around, Legend discovered a secret passage leading to a room glowing green, then blue, on through the rainbow.

Cautious, the party moved in and busted open the door across the room, which triggered some sort of trap striking Ma’Kala and Maerie blind.  Nonplussed, the group advanced through the open door and found a haul of treasure from the raided pirate ships.  Nearly mad with gold-lust, they stuffed their pockets and a bag of holding with platinum, gold, gems, and jewelry!

The Conquerors then moved into a massive room with four crystalline pillars from which emerged deadly shadows.  The party charged the shadows and engaged in melee.  Out of thin air (cloaked by invisibility), an elf appeared and fired a magic missile.  A rapid exchange brought the elf dead to the ground.  As he died, a voice cried out, “Geldered!”  The sounds of armored men running could be heard.  Meanwhile the shadows began to drive the party back as Nicholae’s attempt to turn them failed.

The charging sounds materialized into two more armed men attacking Legend, one of whom wounded him terribly.  The elf ran back to blind Ma’Kala for magical healing and found himself pressed by three shadows trying to kill him and the healer!  Elasha hurled her spear but missed, and Theobald moved up against the fighter and cleric revealed from hiding.  Nicholae cast a hold person, freezing the fighter in place.  Theobald hit him with several spear blows before killing him.  The cleric proved more dangerous, casting his own hold person on Nicholae, making him fodder for the shadows in the moments to come.

In the meantime, Legend shielding himself with protection from evil only to discover the shadows could no longer touch him.  In a few moments, they realized this as well and turned to drain the strength from Nicholae.  Legend destroyed one shadow and charged into the moving group with his arcane sword.  In moments, two more were destroyed.

Elasha and Theobald tried to defend Nicholae from the remaining shadow and cleric, finally slaying the last shadow using the magical sword dropped by the evil fighter.  The group pressed the cleric into a corner, still taking hit after hit, until Legend slipped in a blow laying the man out.

Quickly, the team ransacked the bodies and gathered several magical items of note as well as a key hidden in the elf’s dagger pommel.  Now, four unexplored doors face the adventurers.

The above summary is for a game session of Dungeons & Dragons BECMI / RC edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.