Shadowrun – Black Ops: Bogota – Game Session 003

Game summary for April 12, 2011; present characters included Bernsen (dwarf combat mage), La Eme (troll heavy weapons specialist), Network (dwarf drone rigger), Tango (ork tank), and Vessel (troll brawler).

The MACHETE team continued into the jungle and failed again to be stealthy, with Bernsen accidentally firing off rounds into the canopy. In short order, the team stumbled upon an Amazonia security depot including a watch tower. Vessel fired a grenade from his AK-98 and collapsed the tower, spilling the man within to the ground. A warform jaguar charged through the foliage and engaged while a massive troll lieutenant opened up with full automatic fire from his AK-97. A brutal exchange ensued, with spells, bullets, and grenades rocking the jungle. Bernsen used Flamethrower to ignite the jaguar and one of the human infantry. Network laid down a solid wall of lead, and Vessel traded fire with the troll. Tango arrived on the scene and put several rounds in the infantryman. After the firefight, the team patched up as quickly as possible.

Almost upon the enemy encampment, and rejoined by La Eme, the team encountered Steel Horse and his allies, two GM-Nissan Doberman sentry drones, an ork soldier, a human infantryman, and an elf infantryman. The Dobermen closed in, trying to flank the team. AK-97s opened fire, and bullets shattered against body armor. Vessel fired his AK-98 grenade launcher directly at the elf, blowing him to pieces. La Eme caught a full burst in the chest and went down temporarily. He crawled back to his feet and opened fire with his cyberarm shotgun on one of the drones. Tango put down the ork with his rifle. Steel Hoof let loose with his Ingram White Knight with devastating effect. The team opened up on Steel Hoof, bullets ripping through his flesh. Bernsen hurled his Flamethrower spell about, setting one man alight and fleeing and roasting Steel Hoof. In his dying moments, the centaur unloaded his machine gun into the team, but it was too little too late.

With the centaur slain, the team tracked the fleeing human and found him unconscious and smoldering in the undergrowth. They quickly bound the man and his wounds. They returned to examine Steel Horse, who they were supposed to take alive. Tango examined him and discovered he had cybereyes, so the team cut off his head in hopes that they could recover valuable data from the eye recording units. To carry the head, Vessel fashioned a stake and impaled it. The result was much like a morbid hobby horse. The group found the enemy encampment, ransacked it from information, and La Eme used some foam explosives and grenades to rig an IED to blow the whole place. The team fled back into the jungle as the camp exploded in a shower of flames.

Now the MACHETE team has returned to Network’s GMC Beachcraft hovercraft with their prisoner, and they must now exfiltrate and reach the pick-up zone.

The above summary is for a game session of Shadowrun: 20th Anniversary Edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.

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  1. casey.scruggs says:

    In Character Journal Entry
    April 12, 2011 Game Session – Character: Bernsen

    After a hell of a fight, our team pressed on. Moving through the dense jungle forestry seemed a little slow going, but we made good progress. I soon realized that a couple of the fellas had fallen behind. Figuring we needed to take a break from hacking and slashing our way through all the bush, and so the others could catch up, I shot off some rounds from my SMG. It was the first time I used the gun since being a part of MACHETE, so I was a little disappointed that the bullets weren’t actually ripping through some jerky’s chest, but it was still beneficial. Just as expected and intended, some more Amazonia soldiers and a pet jaguar revealed their whereabouts. We immediately noticed a human hiding in a camouflaged guard tower direct his gun’s laser our way. Without hesitation, despite the jaguar trying to bite a chunk out of him, Vessel launched a grenade at the tower’s base. That thing came a-tumbling-down. The human fell out of the big bastard, but, somehow, was still conscious. We made short work of the trio. Network’s doberman shot the hell out of the Jaguar, I lit it on fire, and just before it could run away, Vessel cracked its skull. That flaming pussy never knew what hit it. (If I had a NuYen for every time I’ve heard that about La Eme’s mother…) To add to his troubles, I set the human soldier on fire, after he jammed his gun. The troll’s gun jammed as well. Since the fight seemed so one sided, Vessel threw a grenade next to Network’s doberman, thinking that might even things out a bit, I guess. Thankfully, it didn’t get hurt all that bad and was able to finish off the troll. By then Tango had caught up to us and taken out the burning mess of what once was a human soldier.

    Knowing La Eme couldn’t be too far behind, we thought it’d be funny to make him search for us a little bit more, so we moved away from the latest skirmish site and Tango patched me up yet again. Vessel was banged up a bit as well, but there was no time to heal him, cause Steel Hoof and his crew found us before La Eme. If we ever played sardines, I’m pretty sure La Eme would be it every time, cause he’s always the last one to join the rest of us. His penance for being so late this time was immediately getting knocked the fuck out. Vessel retaliated by damn near evaporating an infantry elf with a grenade. The dude was yards away, but the blast was so big we all got sprayed with elf guts and shit. Thankfully, the blast itself didn’t have any effect on us. Tango proceeded to take out an ork. A doberman blasted me. I focused my attacks elsewhere and set a fella on fire. La Eme regained consciousness and blew the hell out of the drone that shot me. I guess he can be useful sometimes. Though it was still functioning, it was a damn impressive shot for someone in his disposition.

    Iron Cameltoe decided to actually join the fray. With his big ass gun, he fired on Vessel and definitely knocked some shit loose, but our man stayed upright. Network knew he meant business, so he opened fire and made him bleed his own blood. We knew this guy was supposed to be taken alive, but when the shit got heavy, we unleashed our heavy shit. Tango followed suit. Knowing Copper Foot was close to the end, Tango disabled a doberman by filling it with led. I took advantage of the situation and smelted the Brass Heel. Unfortunately, I was a little overzealous and outright killed the bastard, nearly passing out myself. As he went down in flames, he tried to take La Eme with him, but his shots just bounced off La’s armor. Unimpressed, La finished off the doberman from before. We put out the fire, but the horse-man had already met his demise. The other fella I lit on fire had taken off running, but we tracked him down. He was still alive, so we figured we’d capture him in lieu of Titanium Ankle. Just for good measure though, on our way to the encampment, we stopped back by the battle site and detached the horse’s head from the horse’s ass. We figured big brother might be able to extract some useful data of anything recorded with his cyber eyes. The encampment was a ghost town. Either we single-handedly exterminated the troops located there, or they were out getting their asses waxed elsewhere. We swept through the place and found a few commlinks with useful data. After placing the Shiawase commlink, we turned it over to La Eme. Within moments the encampment was in flames from detonated grenades and plastic explosives.

    Figuring our primary objectives were achieved, to one degree or another, and the secondary goals were met quite well, we high-tailed it back to Network’s hovercraft. Now all we have to do is make our way to the extraction point, then we can relax for a bit.

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