Shadowrun – Black Ops: Bogota – Game Session 002

Game summary for April 7, 2011; present characters included Bernsen (dwarf combat mage), La Eme (troll heavy weapons specialist), Network (dwarf drone rigger), Tango (ork tank), and Vessel (troll brawler).

Several weeks after their first mission, following some drone upgrades and bioware implants, the MACHETE team found itself deployed once again. Their operation this time was codenamed STEEL HORSE ROUNDUP. The team was tasked with seeking out mercenary tactical adviser, Steel Hoof, a cyber-enhanced centaur working for Amazonia. The team was given the following objectives:

Primary Objectives

  • Steel Hoof – Capture Steel Hoof alive and return him to the extraction point.
  • Data Recovery – Collect any potentially valuable intelligence from the encampment.

Secondary Objectives

  • Complete Extraction – Leave the location with all members of the team, alive or dead. No allied bodies should be left behind as evidence.
  • Enemy Demographics – Gather photographic and DNA evidence from each slain enemy for record keeping.
  • Misinformation – Plant a “dropped” commlink with incriminating evidence against Shiawase.
  • Sabotage – Destroy as much weaponry, ammunition, or other military assets as possible.

The team dropped in via cargo helicopter with Network’s GMC Beachcraft hovercraft. They proceeded a couple miles upriver and then headed into enemy territory. The sound of war could be heard all around, with automatic fire tapping an echoing staccato rhythm among the trees, and occasion grenades shaking the canopy. Tango relayed his experiences with Amazonia encampments and defenses to the rest of the team as they tried to slink through the foliage. Unfortunately, Vessel proved less than adept at stealth, snagging his weapon on a limb and discharging several rounds into the jungle. Within moments, a small unit of Amazonia forces were upon them. Large warform Brazilian mastiffs, genetically enhanced canines, burst through the leaves and closed the distance. Male elf and dwarf soldiers closed in, while a female human Amazon moved through the trees. Battle ensued, with the dogs proving no more than a nuisance against military-grade armor and assault rifles. The MACHETE team scythed through the opposition, but they took a few bumps and bruises themselves. As they sat around patching each other up, reinforcements arrived.

Led by an elf Amazon, the second team brought much more firepower to bear. Several switched to full-auto fire with their AK-97 assault rifles. The MACHETE team responded with magic from Bersen, a hail of bullets, and a number of launched and thrown grenades. A couple of the grenades bounced off course in the dense vegetation, including one thrown by La Eme, and soon everyone on the battlefield was scrambling about to avoid fragmentation or armor debonder. Network’s Doberman drone proved a deadly force, dropping yet another dwarf soldier. Tango shot up the elf Amazon while Vessel wrecked havoc on an ork soldier. Once again, the battle proved short but violent. The MACHETE team walked away bruised but largely unhurt.

Network quickly videoed each of the slain Amazonians, while Vessel took blood samples from each. Then, the team set off deeper into the jungle in search of Steel Hoof’s encampment.

The above summary is for a game session of Shadowrun: 20th Anniversary Edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.


  1. shane.bradley says:

    In Character Journal Entry
    April 7, 2011 Game Session – Character: Vessel

    We got our first real mission today, and man, they don’t plan on taking it easy on us since we’re a new group. This is supposed to be one of those “covert” ops. I guess no one told management that the dirty Germans never taught us to be covert, and it’s not like trolls are naturally stealthy creatures. Oh well, our mission is a fun one though. Kill all the bad guys, capture their pictures and DNA, blow up their weaponry, plant a phony commlink, and capture some big horseman named Steel Hoof. I was never really fond of the capture but don’t kill missions, but this guy sounds like he’s going to put up a little bit of a fight.

    After getting dropped in the jungle, it was obvious we were in the middle of damn battle. Luckily, Network guided the hovercraft around, and we were able to make it to our entry point without being caught. Once we were on land, network deployed a Doberman drone and got the hell out of there, or at least I couldn’t see where he went anymore. Sarge Tango scoped out the place and schooled us a bit on jungle military tactics. I didn’t pay much attention, and it showed. We hadn’t moved 100 feet before I got my newly-acquired AK caught in a vine and shot up a tree. Talk about blowing cover. Within minutes, Amazon chicks, elfs, dwarfs, and big-ass dogs surrounded us. We went into full blown kick-ass mode. Bernsen loaded up the magical voodoo, Network’s newly pimped Doberman sprayed burst rounds left and right, Tango kept the precision rifle work going, and La Eme shot up the joint. I laid waste with the new rifle, and man, how impressive was I! Lil John is still my favorite toy, but the AK beast is nifty. We were able to lay waste to group Uno without much cause for distress.

    A couple of us got a bruise here and there, so we attempted to patch up quick. Unfortunately, reinforcements were closer than anticipated. What group one lacked in ability and firepower their reinforcements made up for. Within moments AK’s were opened up, full auto, and it wasn’t mine or Tango’s! It was obvious more critical care was needed with this group so we upped their game by lobbin’ a few ole’ grenades at the jungle filth. I was able to catch one in the chest, and the backblast came back on us, but it wasn’t much. Tango and Em didn’t have such luck. Their grenade blast and throws just didn’t hit the mark today. We ended up running for the hills when Em tried his best to rend our freakin’ armor off with his crazy-ass gecko grenades. Luckily they have a decent timer and we were able to get out of the way. All-in-all we had us a nice little throwdown.

    When the smoke cleared, Network set about getting pics of all the dead bodies, and I extracted blood. We gathered up a few bayonets from some of the guns and destroyed everything we didn’t take. With this area clear we’re ready to move in further and search for old “long in the face.”

  2. casey.scruggs says:

    In Character Journal Entry
    April 7, 2011 Game Session – Character: Bernsen

    Today has started off to be a hell of a day and it hasn’t been going on all that long. We were dropped off in the thick of the jungle and told to hunt down Steel Hoof, a centaur merc who’s started gaining some local support for Amazonia. We also need to blow up whatever weapons, ammo, and the like we find at the encampment while gathering recon about their outfit and make it all look like the Shiawase corp. are behind it.

    Once we landed, Network drove us in his hovercraft down river, getting us as close as possible, but we still had quite a ways to go on foot. Not so far off was all kinds of gunfire—but that was not our concern. We figured we’d go with the element of surprise, thinking the surrounding battle would have the attention of most of the encampment. But being stealthy just ain’t in the cards for our group. No matter though, as long as we got the firepower and the power of fire, we can handle these junglecats.

    Some Amazonia soldiers and their pet Mastiffs showed up after we shot off some warning rounds, making sure they knew we were coming. I tried to set a fella on fire, but I must of stayed up too late last night, cause I tired out real quick. I decided the rest of the group could handle the fight, so I let them lay waste. Once the smoke cleared and it was just team MACHETE standing, Tango gave me a bit of a boost and did some first aid on Vessel.

    Before Tango could fool with La Eme’s wounds, some reinforcements found their way to us. This time I didn’t even get a chance to light anyone up. Within seconds one jackass unleashed his AK on me. My armor held up, but I’ve been banged up pretty bad. I had no choice but to fall back once again. Knowing the quickest way to end the skirmish, La Eme and Vessel threw grenades. That was one big ass explosion and hurt plenty of the Amazonia soldiers. Tango figured he’d join in and tossed one that bounced off some foliage and rolled all the way back, right next to me. I thought I was done for, but my armor really is the shit. Thanks to it, I didn’t feel a thing. La Eme threw another grenade, but his arm must have gone limp, cause that thing landed just a couple yards away from where he was standing. That one had a timer on it. Team MACHETE was able to clear it’s blast radius. Unfortunately, once it went off, the resistance soldiers were already dead.

    I’ve got to get some medical attention quick, or I’m going to be in a bad way real soon. If I don’t make it out of here alive, my only hope is that it’s not from my own inability to land a spell or my team’s inability to land a grenade. If I do make it out, you better believe the team’s going to enroll in some Pee-Wee pitching classes.

  3. colby.westerfield says:

    In Character Journal Entry
    April 7, 2011 Game Session – Character: Network

    This was our first real mission as a team. Based on our previous encounters, I expected someone on the team to die.

    We are tasked with framing a metahuman named Steel Hoof. He have been given a commlink to place that will implicate the Shiawase group. Seems like it should easy enough, but every new team takes a bit of time to learn.

    I did some upgrades to the Doberman. I left the suppressor on, don’t know if it will be useful. Looking back, I think this is me clinging to the hope of the team being stealthy. When we were shopping for upgrades I pulled the contact information on an old teammate called Ghost. His ability to kill quietly would be amazing. I didn’t call, but I thought very seriously about it.

    This mission is supposed to be covert, and I was very hopeful. We landed Betsy as close as I could and we deployed. There was gunfire and grenades going off in the distance. All that distraction was a godsend. As long as we didn’t make too much noise, we could slip in and out.

    I was even impressed with the ork, he was trying to help the team with stealth tactics. Unfortunately the troll was never taught what a safety is. He was wandering about with his gun at the ready when he got into a wrestling match with the jungle, then he shot a tree to end the fight. In that battle, no one won.

    So five minutes in and we’ve announced ourselves again. Everyone was quick (maybe too quick) to toss the covert nature of the mission. It didn’t take long before we had some non-tree targets to fire upon. I wonder how Bersen will write this in his report that will let Vessel keep some pride.

    Small force with dogs. Didn’t take long to dispatch them. The team got a little banged up. Bersen really knocked down a notch. My Doberman didn’t take damage, which was nice. Wave two came before everyone could get patched up.

    These guys brought a little more thunder. Bersen had to be very careful to not kill himself, get killed by our team, or get killed by the combatants.

    More moronic grenade play. Someone is going to have to set down with the grunts and explain explosion range. Nearly took damage twice from team grenades.

    Sgt. Hot Pants came to play. Unfortunately know one told him who the bad guys were, so he just tried to blow up everything. He very nearly killed Bernsen, luck of the armor kept our leader alive. With tactics like ours, I’ll be the acting leader in no time.

    I really should have a conversation about team grenade usage with Bernsen. Maybe this is just new team jitters, only time will tell.

    Luckily we all survived, ending the battle by running from an ill placed gecko grenade placed by Sgt. Hot Pants.

    We took our video and samples, patched up, and moved further in towards Steel Hoof.

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