H1 – Keep on the Shadowfell – Game Session 4

Game summary for March 26, 2009; present characters included Galinndan (eladrin wizard) and Gloombrood Sorrow (tiefling rogue) accompanied by mercenaries Bree Shinbreaker (halfling cleric) and Skald Konietzko (dwarf warlord).

With the kobolds defeated, the Unspeakables returned to their original mission of finding Douven Staul. They again set out toward the supposed dragon burial site. Following the map, they eventually came upon the place and found it being excavated by a group of humans, a halfling, and a gnome, accompanied by two guard drakes. The gnome beckoned the group to come down to the site, but something just didn’t seem right. Without warning, the thugs attacked.

Skald advanced position and was quickly cut down by the halfling’s hail of sling stones. Quickly, Bree used her clerical prayers to restore the fallen dwarf. Galinndan waded in and unleashed blasts of flame and magic missiles upon their foes. Meanwhile, Gloombrood slipped into the trees and crept toward the halfling. The guard drakes tore into the Unspeakables with brutal ferocity.

Galinndan killed two of the human rabble with his spells. Bree swung her mace with terrible ferocity, felling two rabble herself. Skald swung about with his hammer, killing one of the drakes. Gloombrood succeeded in sneaking upon the halfling slinger and catching him by surprise. He viciously slashed the halfling from hip to shoulder, nearly cutting him in half. The slinger’s body hurtled over the ledge, and Gloombrood followed down to kill the last guard drake. Finally, Skald brought down the gnome skulk.

Following the battle, the team discovered a man bound and gagged under a blanket. He was none other than Douven Staul! They quickly released their friend, and he explained how he was waylaid by the bandits and forced to continue his excavating. The team sent Douven heading back home to his wife, and they returned to Winterhaven.

Inside the town, they found the people nervous and frightened, but of what, no one could say. Gathering provisions, the Unspeakables decided to investigate the light Gloombrood had seen to the north a few days before.