H1 – Keep on the Shadowfell – Game Session 1

Game summary for March 2, 2009; present characters included Adran Thorn (half-elf ranger), Balasar Scaleskin (dragonborn fighter), Galinndan (eladrin wizard), and Gloombrood Sorrow (tiefling rogue).

Four adventurers, dubbing themselves the Unspeakables, set out along the King’s Road toward the small trading town of Winterhaven. Douven Staul, an old companion of Balasar, had gone to Winterhaven to see if a map he possessed would lead to a dragon’s treasure. After thee weeks, he went missing. Balasar and the Unspeakables seek his whereabouts and well being.

Along the road, the four were ambushed by kobold brigands. The reptilian thieves surrounded the group and attacked, hurling javelins and glue pots at the party. The Unspeakables wasted no time bringing the fight to the kobolds, with Balasar’s mighty halberd chopping down the first. Gloombrood engaged in some impressive bladework with some others but took some serious wounds in turn. Galinndan unleashed his arcane fury, striking foes dead with magic missiles and firing off some impressive (although ineffective) scorching bursts and acid arrows.

In the meantime, Adran pressed in on the kobold slinger and soon found himself on the receiving end of a firepot. In moments, Adran was engulfed in flame; however, this did not stop him. Trailing fire, the enraged ranger moved into the midst of the kobolds and slaughtered all around him. Only then did he allow time to put himself out.

Following a few more moments of battle, the Unspeakables proved victorious, slaying all of their attackers. A search of the bodies revealed a number of silver coins and an assortment of subpar weaponry. The team took a short rest to catch their breath and take stock of their situation. Before long, they pressed on to the walled town of Winterhaven.

Within, the group rented two rooms at Wrafton’s Inn and began socializing with the townies. They talked to proprietor Salvana Wrafton for a bit and discovered that Lord Padraig wishes to rid the area of kobolds, but the militia has been unable to do so. They also talked to Eilian the Old, a local historian, who remembered giving a map to Douven. He was able to sketch another map for the Unspeakables. During this time, Gloombrood cased the joint and filched the coinpurse from a sleeping drunkard. He also climbed stealthily up atop the inn and surveyed the area. Off to the north, he could see the faintest glow of lights.

Down in the inn, Galinndan and Adran continued to work the crowd. They attempted to make nice with an attractive elven woman, but she dismissed them curtly. Adran made good friends with Lashley, a waitress at Wrafton’s willing to make extra coin in the evenings. Adran compensated her well, but only for information, which she was more than willing to provide. By the close of the evening, the team was aware of a kobold problem in the area, the last known location of Douven, and had made a number of potentially useful contacts.

What adventures will the dawn bring upon the Unspeakables?