W:tA Rite of Passage – Game Session 02

Game summary for our Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised Edition mini-chronicle, Rite of Passage, on December 11, 2008. Pack members present included: Aragon Phillips (homid theurge Uktena), Caedmon Sullivan (homid galliard Fianna), Lt. Daniel Jones (homid ragabash Silver Fang), Jeff Smith (homid ahroun Silver Fang), Ohcumgache (lupus ahroun Get of Fenris), and Tony Diaz (homid ahroun Glass Walker).

As Aaron and Caedmon fashioned a covering for the cave door, Jeff, Ohcu, and Tony went to explore the cave. It went down for a while, and the pack detected the scent of death and humankind. While sniffing about, Tony sneezed, awakening a great bear. The trio fled back up the tunnel, with the bear hot on their heels! Caedmon realized quickly that he had forgotten the ammunition to his SMG, so he cast it aside. The werewolves moved in and fought viciously with the bear as it chomped on Tony’s flank. Soon, the pack brought it down. Aaron suspected the strange bear was controlled by something, perhaps a spirit. He attempted to Peek and fell through the Membrane into the Umbra. He soon returned safely and confirmed that the animal was bane-ridden.

The pack returned to the bear’s lair and found the remnants of a mine worker named Johnathan Willis. The group gathered everything of use or interest from his corpse. They realized he must have come from some civilization nearby. When a break in the weather occurred, the pack fashioned a sled and set out into the wild once again. During the trip, the intense supernatural cold of the Wendigo-summoned blizzard took its toll on the pack. Aaron began to suffer frostbite and delirium. Eventually, the group encountered a narrow road and found, buried in the snow, the wreck of Johnathan’s jeep. Tony climbed inside and discovered a map to a mine, a shovel, and a toolbox.

Soon, the pack set out again but the blizzard picked back up. The group dug snow shelters in the drifts along the side of the road to take refuge from the storm. Within, things didn’t seem so intense!

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