W:tA Rite of Passage – Game Session 03

Game summary for our Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised Edition mini-chronicle, Rite of Passage, on December 18, 2008. Pack members present included: Aragon Phillips (homid theurge Uktena), Caedmon Sullivan (homid galliard Fianna), Lt. Daniel Jones (homid ragabash Silver Fang), Jeff Smith (homid ahroun Silver Fang), and Tony Diaz (homid ahroun Glass Walker).

After another break in the blizzard, the pack continued down the road and began seeing glimpses of spirits in the trees. Before long, the pack discovered Aaron’s cell phone had been stolen by the spirit entities.

Pressing on, the pack came to a downhill bend in the road where they were ambushed by five crinos werewolves! The murderous pack tore into the Wild Weres, dropping Dan in a few moments. Tony did his best to aid his friend, while the others waged war with the pack. Soon, Jeff succumbed to frenzy and viciously fought the assailants. In short order, several were fleeing back into the trees and some lay dead on the ground. Tony was terribly injured as well. As the final attacker laid waste to the pack, a large, gruff man clothed like a lumberjack and swinging an axe arrived. He decapitated the downed foes while the pack finished off the remaining attacker. He then performed some strange rite and stabilized the injured Wild Weres. He introduced himself as Bill and offered them shelter.

The pack followed Bill into the woodlands, where they came upon a log cabin. Within, Bill performed more rites, healing the injuries of the Wild Weres. He told the group about strange circumstances at the Grind Mine and asked the group to investigate. The pack agreed and requested Bill notify the family of the man they found slain in the cave. To this, Bill agreed. He then provided the pack with clothing from another era.

The pack continued talking to Bill and whispered among themselves about what exactly Bill is.