W:tA Rite of Passage – Game Session 01

Game summary for our Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revised Edition mini-chronicle, Rite of Passage, on November 20, 2008. Pack members present included: Aragon Phillips (homid theurge Uktena), Caedmon Sullivan (homid galliard Fianna), Marcel DeLuca (homid theurge Silent Strider), and Ohcumgache (lupus ahroun Get of Fenris).

The newly formed pack, the Wild Weres, awaited their group Rite of Passage, to be delivered by the Sept of the Green, in New York City. In the meantime, the group petitioned and was accepted by Fenris as their pack totem. Before long, Timmy arrived to take the group to the caern in Central Park. Once there, they were greeted by Larissa, who informed them they would be traveling via Moon Bridge to the Winter Wolf Sept of Wendigos. The Wendigo tribe would perform their Rite of Passage, and the Sept of the Green would perform the Rite of Passage for a pack of pups from the Wendigo.

Stepping through the Moon Bridge, the Wild Weres found themselves confronted by the Warden of the Sept, who provided them food and lodging and informed them the Rite would begin in the morning. During the night, the pack was awakened by a Howl of Mourning, followed by a Howl of Calling the Pack. They quickly scrambled from their tent and found the entire Sept assembled and listening to their elders. As the pack arrived, the Wendigos snarled and surrounded them. The Warden stepped forward and told them the Wendigo pups had been killed by the Sept of the Green! He snarled at the pack and cast them out of the caern, warning them that to return would mean their deaths. As they left, Caedmon realized the Wendigo theurges were summoning a blizzard!

The pack fled into the pre-dawn light and scrambled to put distance between themselves and the Winter Wolf Sept. Aragon was able to get their latitude and longitude from his iPhone and determined they were in Northern Canada. He knew there should be civilization to the south, so that is the direction they set off. Traveling through the woodlands, Ohcumgache took the lead, felling a deer for the pack and leading them to a fresh water seep.

Within a few hours, the weather began to turn as the summoned blizzard rolled in. The pack carefully searched the area until they found a small cave they could all hole up in. The pack began gathering firewood and preparing to ride out the blizzard.