All Flesh Must Be Eaten Adventure – Diablo Gulch

I have just posted my first free adventure for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten game system. It is called Diablo Gulch and is set in a Weird West genre. The adventure features zombie survival in the Wild West! Several of us played the game at our 2008 May Day gaming event and had a fantastic time. Afterward, I polished it up a bit and have now made it available for download.

The adventure serves as a great introduction to the Unisystem™ game and is intended as a one-shot scenario. With some tweaking, it could also kick off a Weird West campaign. This adventure is a fan-based work of fiction and is not endorsed or supported by Eden Studios in any way.

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  1. Kyle Brinkmann says:

    Really enjoyed this adventure!

    Might use it for a player that wishes to play a character with the “Old Soul” quality that wants to adventure with the “same” character in different time periods.

    Thank You!

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