Dead Witch Walking

Last night, I finished reading Kim Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking, book 1 of the Rachel Morgan series (also called the Hollows series). I picked the book up at the store because it sounded vaguely interesting, and I was wanting something with a similar feel to the Dresden Files series. For some reason, I did not expect to enjoy this book. Sometimes, I’m happy when I’m wrong!

I found Dead Witch Walking to be a well-written work of fiction with some very creative ideas. It did not take long for me to become hooked on this intriguing version of Earth, where supernatural and the mundane walk side-by-side. The write-ups about the book had not done it justice and even came across as a bit cheesy. I found the ideas remarkably original and exciting, every bit as fresh and new as what the Dresden Files series was delivering.

In a quick summary to not reveal major details, Dead Witch Walking explores the first few days of Vampiric Charms, a “detective” agency run by witch, Rachel Morgan, and living vampire, Ivy Tamwood. They have a rocky start with assassins in the shadows and a corrupt councilman causing trouble. The book sets the stage for an entire series of books by developing the personalities of the main characters, establishing a business and relationships for them, and revealing how Harrison’s version of Earth works. While certainly a solid standalone novel, Dead Witch Walking makes a perfect introduction into this exciting new world.

I particularly like contrasting the writing styles of Kim Harrison and Jim Butcher (author of the Dresden Files). Harry Dresden is a snarky hero from an obviously male author. Harrison’s Rachel Morgan is just as intriguing and just as obviously written by a female author. I really believe a fan of either series would greatly enjoy the other; therefore, there are numerous books to keep the most avid reader occupied for a time between them.

Dead Witch Walking is an easy read that goes quickly due to all the action. I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s a good story on its own, and if you like it, it opens the door to a whole series about these exciting characters.


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