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The BG Gamers have had a series of Saturday gaming events recently, including PlemCon II and Halloween Hootenanny I. I’d like some feedback about them. Are they worth continuing? Are they coming too frequently? Infrequently? Do you like them being tied to the same night as UFC events? Are the door prizes worthwhile? What would you suggest for improvement?


  1. Shane the character killer says:

    The Sat gaming sessions have been great. I’ve enjoyed a chance to do new things, and not have it take up a regular game night. They are very much worth continuing. I don’t think they’re too frequent, but my significant other might. I believe one every month or so is a pretty good number. I think we all like to watch UFC, so having it all on the same day is just one less time to have to ask the wife about what we’re doing on a Saturday. The door prizes have been great as well. We all like to trade out DM-damaged dice from time to time and the “themed prizes” are great as well.

    No real suggestions for improvement, everything has gone really well. I think we all appreciate the work you do for these events and they’ve been a lot of fun!

  2. Casey says:

    The Hootenanny was a BLAST! I really liked having it the same day as an UFC event. If that continued, I guess it would be about once a month (every five or so weeks-?), right? For those that play every Thursday night, that might be a little too much, but for me, it’d be great! And I loved the door prizes. A little tear came to my eye when I recieved my first set of dice. I wanted a magnet so hard!

  3. Colby "the magnet winner" Westerfield says:

    I always enjoy the new games, my suggestion is to maim your brother so that I get Saturday’s to do as I wish:) Seriously though I don’t have any complaints and the UFC after is always fun. And I got a magnet!

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