Game Results for November 18, 2006

It was game 2 of our Underworld variation of Vampire: The Masquerade, played at our first Thanksgaming Day event.

The Death Dealers set out to execute two enemy mafia leaders, Mariano and Paul Massoli. They raided the house and engaged in fierce battle throughout the first floor. Unfortunately, two Lycans were aiding the Massolis, and Johnny Dean was decapitated.

After clearing the first floor, Hagitha, Ryu and Darren moved up to the second floor, which was filled with mafia muscle. Hagitha and Darren were soon neutralized, but Ryu was able to outgun the opposition. Darren had succeeded in executing Mariano Massoli before he was incapacitated, leaving only Paul Massoli as a remaining target. Ryu stalked down to his holdout and put two .45ACP rounds through his body.

Unfortunately, Ryu showed a bit of mercy and left call girl, Sally Willis, alive as a witness. They group’s plan of framing the Jamaicans failed, because she told everyone an Asian was the trigger man. Confusion about who executed the hit still exists, but there have been no retaliations against the Jamaicans as the Death Dealers’ bosses wanted.

Underworld Revised

I did some reassigning of points on the characters in our Underworld Vampire: The Masquerade campaign. I reduced the level of Fortitude for each character but reassigned the points into other disciplines, abilities and attributes.

White Wolf Halloween Special

White Wolf is having a Halloween sale on World of Darkness, Exalted and VTES products. From now until Halloween, you can get 25% off on purchases, and free shipping if you order $50 or more. See more details here.

World of Darkness Debut

The BG Gamers event, Halloween Hootenanny I, introduced the World of Darkness (specifically Vampire: The Masquerade) to a whole new group of players. It is quite a bit different from our normal Dungeons & Dragons game. I’m curious to see some feedback about the game. Specifically:

  • What do you like about the Storyteller Game system?
  • What do you dislike about the Storyteller Game system?
  • If you could change anything about the game, what would it be?