Chronoshift: Spelljammer — Game Session — 070

Game summary for January 23, 2024, Chronoshift: Spelljammer campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Claude Dill Budshire (Sokari Sorcerer played by Peyton Harmon), Edonna Match Wushu Lu Klighke (Dragonborn Oracle played by Casey Scruggs), Hekera Nephera Mawhesk Vyk’sebekenka (Sebek-ka Fighter played by Preston Harmon), Helg Ingvar (Aasimar Cleric played by Chris Harmon), and Khesen Pavel (Human Brawler played by Parker Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

AI Generated via GPT4.

After waking up from their rest, the team recovered spells and healed their remaining wounds.  Edonna cast scrying and had a vision of the Pink Lady in a hanging suspended cage dangling over a seemingly bottomless pit.  Beside her swung another cage occupied by a short, bearded man wearing red and blue clothing and a red cap.  Lava glowed in the background, and in Edonna’s vision, she could see shadows on the walls hinting at koopas guarding the prisoners along with a much larger spike-shelled koopa!

After Edonna’s scrying spell, they then advanced into a blue-tiled room with several lava pits, large green Warp Pipes, and a bright yellow question block.  Three enemies occupied the room:  a glossy black bob-omb moving about on mechanical legs, a green-shelled hammer brother koopa, and a red-shelled spike top koopa. 

Khesen moved forward and peeked out to see a large hole in the nearby wall and suspected a Bullet Bill would fire out of it!  So, he acrobatically tumbled past the opening into a safe area.  The bob-omb waddled up beside Khesen and exploded, its fiery blast tearing into the team.  Claude advanced and blasted the bob-omb with three successful shocking spark rays.  Edonna augmented the team with a blessing of fervor spell, and then she jumped out into a safe space.  Helg used the speed option from blessing of fervor to jump way out into the room and run up a pile of bricks to activate the bright glowing yellow mystery box!  It revealed a glossy red and black POW block! 

The enemy hammer brother advanced and hurled a barrage of hammers at Edonna, wounding her greatly.  Khesen grabbed hold of the bob-omb and bravely dragged it further from his allies.  Hekera jumped out into the fray and charged the approaching red spike top koopa!  His mighty sword struck its shiny red shell and bounced off with very little effect! 

Claude cast his crushing coils spell to entangle the red spike top, and Hekera swapped to his earth breaker hammer and began smashing away.  His hammer proved far more effective against the spike top, and he scored a critical hit against it!  Hekera smashed its shell and inflicted  a horrifying about of damage.  He hit it yet again and obliterated the foe. 

Meanwhile, Helg snatched up the shiny POW block and dashed it into the ground, which activated a POW effected on enemies!  The blast of the POW ripped through the bob-omb causing it to unleash its explosive death throes!  The blast damaged the party even more.  The same POW blast also tore into the hammer brother koopa, and it knocked him right out of his green shell which ricocheted all around the room, damaging several of the party!

With their foes vanquished, the team looted the room and healed themselves.  The team then crept down the hallway and found another room.  As they came in, a blue-robed koopa with goggles stared at them, and the staff it held began to glow! 

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