Chronoshift: Spelljammer — Game Session — 040

Game summary for April 11, 2023, Chronoshift: Spelljammer campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Edonna Match Wushu Lu Klighke (Dragonborn Oracle played by Casey Scruggs), Hekera Nephera Mawhesk Vyk’sebekenka (Sebek-ka Fighter played by Preston Harmon), Helg Ingvar (Aasimar Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Khesen Pavel (Human Brawler played by Parker Harmon), Komorebi (Kitsune Bard played by Josh Jenkins), and Neko (Half-Orc Magus played by Peyton Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

Surrounded, the team exploded into action.  Khesen leapt from the ground up onto a balcony and kicked a shocked gnoll archer right in the snout.  The silver-furred gnoll cast hold person with no effect.  Neko targeted a group of assailants, and while his team yelled for him to stop, he launched a fireball into the middle of a residential street in the center of Bral.  The wooden-framed house burst into flame under the intense sudden heat, with fire spreading across the roof, walls, and across the curtains exposed by the open window. 

The enemies charged in and landed some devastating blows on the flat-footed party.  Edonna cast prayer and gave power to her team and diminished her opponents.  Helg cast a mighty dweomer, righteous wrath of the faithful!  Hekera tore into the enemies who had surrounded and injured him.  Komorebi chastised two enemies with a blistering invective and then used his singing steel armor to swiftly activate a dirge of doom that sent some of the enemy, on fire, scattering.  The archer in the building fired a deadly shot at Khesen who swatted it away like a gnat.  Meanwhile, the orc mystic caught a couple of the team in the confines of a web spell. 

Enemies fell left and right, one literally from a balcony.  The team slaughtered their assailants while the home continued to burn, and an elderly man appeared on the balcony screaming for aid for him and his wife.  One of the burning brigands fled through the streets, magically terrified of Komorebi.  The silver-furred gnoll cast blindness at Khesen but failed to affect him. She then began to move toward a retreat position.  Khesen in turn ran along the roof and dove down to the street to pursue. 

Most of the team shifted focus to saving the elderly people in the home.  Helg drenched the man and balcony with create water.  The silver-furred gnoll cast an obscuring mist to cover her retreat but was pursued closely by Khesen and Hekera.  The mighty sebek-ka nearly got his jaws on her, as a command spell sent Khesen running off in the wrong direction!  The gnoll was too quick for the ponderous reptile-man and began outpacing him.  Komorebi stepped up and encouraged his teammates with inspired courage, reciting a motivating oration:

Stand tall, brave hearts, and do not cower,

For danger strikes in every hour.

This alleyway may seem a trap,

But we can rise and break the snap.

We are the ones who dare to seek,

Our courage strong, our wills unique.

“Damn you, Joey, for this plight,

But we’ll fight on with all our might.

Moments later, Helg and Komorebi entered the burning home to rescue the people.  Neko had pulled out a tangleburn bag, and rather than carry it into the burning building decided to drop it.  At his feet.  Where it exploded, just like a tangleburn bag, and entangled and immolated him.  Helg carried the elderly woman out of the house and sat her down by the warm light of a burning Neko.  Several of the townsfolk began to emerge from their homes, and one walked smack into the magical webs.  He panicked and began screaming about giant spiders.  Others began to take up the cry, and in moments screams of warning about giant spiders were echoing through the entire neighborhood. 

Hekera was hoping to put an arrow or two into the back of the fleeing gnoll, but she turned down a cross street before he could get situated.  The house fire continued to blaze as Komorebi went out to calm the man.  Edonna was able to magically calm several of the townsfolk, but the cries of “fire” and “giant spiders” were echoing off in the distance.  Concerned citizens could be seen coming out of homes and running down the roads toward the scene.