Chronoshift: Spelljammer — Game Session — 033

Game summary for January 31, 2023, Chronoshift: Spelljammer campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Hekera Nephera Mawhesk Vyk’sebekenka (Sebek-ka Fighter played by Preston Harmon), Helg Ingvar (Aasimar Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Intevar Dagella (Centurian Drow Silent Hunter played by Casey Scruggs), Jiraiya (Hurwaeti Freebooter played by Andrew Renfrow), Khesen Pavel (Human Brawler played by Parker Harmon), and Neko (Half-Orc Magus played by Peyton Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The echoes of battle had just begun to fade when Shafi’s counterstrike arrived.  More armed humans and tengu swarmed in.  Behind them skuttled a drider!  It carried a large mace and had long flowing blonde hair.  They weren’t quite sure if it was originally male or female.  The drider recognized Stanley and Simmons and snarled.  “You!  You and your boss are so meddlesome!  This moon isn’t big enough for all of us.  You keep showing up and interrupting our business!  We’re not gonna take it.  No, we ain’t gonna take it.  We’re not gonna take it anymore!”

Stanley snarled as well.  “It’s Dee, Dee Spider.  He’s twisted, sister.”  With blades drawn, the two forces crashed together! 

The drider split the room with wall of fire and burned several of the party.  Dastardly cads and tengu vandals engaged the party with various degrees of success.  The divided room slowed the party’s advance and effectiveness.  Dee Spider cast create pit and tried to drop Helg into it but failed.  The pit further slowed the team.  Simmons took a devastating blow but countered with a lethal one to his opponent.  Intevar put her bow to very deadly effect while Jiraiya began his deadly dance.  Neko unleashed magic missiles and fireballs.  Khesen was blasted by a fire-converted lightning bolt that nearly killed him.  Dee then fled using dimension door

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