Chronoshift: Spelljammer — Game Session — 030

Game summary for January 10, 2023, Chronoshift: Spelljammer campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Hekera Nephera Mawhesk Vyk’sebekenka (Sebek-ka Fighter played by Preston Harmon), Helg Ingvar (Aasimar Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Jiraiya (Hurwaeti Freebooter played by Andrew Renfrow), Khesen Pavel (Human Brawler played by Parker Harmon), and Neko (Half-Orc Magus played by Peyton Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team nursed their wounds and searched the last room of the viper ship hold.  Within they found supplies to repair a ship along with a single medium chest.  Jiraiya tried to pick the lock only to later discover it wasn’t locked at all.  Within they found a horrifying item, a severed mind flayer head!  They realized it was preserved and tentacles braided together down into a handle.  Someone had crafted and enchanted a flayer flail!  Jiraiya immediately adopted it into his arsenal.  They also found several copper ingots and some amethysts. 

As they began searching the enemy bodies, they heard the giff and several human soldiers board the ship from the squid ship.  They met each other and began talking.  The giff, Captain Horatio Macefist, was thankful for their taking of the goblinoid vessel and let them know it was theirs by right of plunder.  Thus, the team acquired another ship, the Deathbite.  They learned it was powered by a lifejammer helm that permanently drains lifeforce to power the ship.  Unwilling to make that sacrifice they realized they lacked the helm-power to get the new ship, the cargo barge, and their ship to port.  After debating cutting the barge loose, they then asked Captain Macefist if he had any spare helms.  He told them he had an emergency furnace helm he could loan them since they were heading to his home base of Refuge.  He let them borrow it and stationed one of his men with them.  The tinker gnomes were overjoyed to have the unstable, potentially explosive, dangerous helm strapped in to their ship!

Two days’ journey later, they came across another Arcane squid ship, the Pride.  Jiraiya used semaphore to communicate with them and learned they were looking for them specifically and had a visitor seeking them.  The ship came alongside and requested permission to board.  Several soldiers crossed over along with an aging red-robed catfolk with brown fur and black stripes (tinged with silver).  He walked with a cane and urgently asked to speak with Botticelli.  He introduced himself as Needle and told the tortle that he had traveled from the nation of Wa in the lands of Kara-Tur of the planet Toril in Realmspace, the home of Botticelli’s egg clutch.  He informed Botticelli he is prophesied to be one of four heroes destined to become the mightiest samurai ever known.  Needle had come to return him to Kara-Tur and begin his training in the martial arts.  He also offered to hire the Perry and team to take them to the planet, which is just a short jaunt away from the Rock of Bral.  The party agreed, and he paid them 500 gp now, five potions of cure moderate wounds, and will pay another 2,500 gp when they arrive.  Next, he presented Botticelli with a beautiful matched set of daisho—a samurai katana and wakizashi. 

Botticelli’s training began immediately, and the team watched the proceedings in wonder and fascination.  Needle noted their interest and offered to teach the basics of ninjitsu to them as well.  So, the party has begun the process of learning from Master Needle!