Classic Quest — Game Session — 049

Game summary for August 10, 2021, Classic Quest campaign, Dungeons & Dragons BECMI / RC Edition, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Arminious Ironkeep (Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Garadal Davster (Halfling played by Parker Harmon), Grozzadeth Boulderback (Dwarf played by Kaliegh Belda), Katarina Magdanov (Magic-User played by Casey Scruggs), Koehan Rumisar (Elf played by Peyton Harmon), Levi Ackerman (Thief played by Andrew Renfrow), and Valor Eagleclaw (Fighter played by Preston Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

Grozzadeth and Levi caught up to the team and swept in to engage the Iron Ring!  The goblins sleepily emerged from the tent, partially blinded by the sunlight.  With a roar, the bugbear came rushing out as well!  Levi began backstabbing enemies while Valor and Garadal continued their tag-team of terror on the south side of the camp.  Grozz went toe-to-toe with the sword-wielding Reaver!  Meanwhile, the Reaver Cleric cast blight on some of the team, which served to strip some of the bless effect.  He also tried to blind Levi with a darkness spell but failed. 

The goblins swarmed into the team but were quite ineffective due to their limited ability and dazzled condition.  They did slow things down and landed a blow here or there.  One of the Hounds tried to get Levi to surrender by threatening to slay a helpless Katarina, but Levi didn’t even slow down.  The Hound tried to trip him up with Katarina’s held body but failed.  Grozz soon found himself surrounded by the Reaver, the cleric, and a goblin! 

The battle was fierce, but one-by-one the enemy leaders began to fall.  Their minions fell as well.  Finally victorious, the team freed their bound and held allies and went to investigate the prisoners.  They found nineteen captured humans and fifteen Red-Blade goblins. 

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