Into The Shadows — Game Session — 015

Game summary for February 4, 2020, Into The Shadows campaign, Shadowrun 5th Edition, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Ballyhoo (Human Augmenter played by Andrew Renfrow), Clutch (Human Transport Rigger played by Peyton Harmon), Dell (Human Technomancer played by Shane Bradley), Hollywood (Human Combat Medic played by Chris Harmon), and Octane (Elf Razor played by Casey Scruggs). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team returned to Kaur’s Farm, and Hollywood used some magic to further heal Donnie Hua.  They reported their findings and were unable to draw a connection between the two sites.  Ballyhoo continued assensing around the area and recognized the spirit pattern from one of the sites in Chaaya.  After some discussion with Hua, examining her aura, and considering his knowledge of magical theory, he conjectured she is some kind of spirit/human hybrid.  How that happened, though, he is unsure. 

He could not sense any hostility in her, and they were unable to determine how she might be involved in the current situation.

The group prepared for the suspected nighttime attack, and late in the evening Dell spotted canines coming in from the north.  Five dogs, two hell hounds, and a barghest came charging in!  A hell hound breathed fire at Ballyhoo but missed.  Hollywood found himself face-to-face with the other hell hound and unable to hit it with his machine pistol in all the excitement.  Octane charged in with his monofilament chainsaw and missed, but Dell landed a solid shot with some APDS ammunition.  Moments later, the hell hound tripped and fell on the chainsaw, decapitating itself. 

Clutch put his drone to good use, firing full-auto bursts from an assault rifle into the fray.  Octane engaged the barghest just in time for it to get gunned down by Clutch.  Ballyhoo continued to sustain his enhancing spells and hurled acid at the foes.  Hollywood finally got a line on his target and landed some shots.  Octane advanced on the last hell hound and cut it down with the chainsaw.  With the last paranormal slain, the other dogs fled back into the woods. 

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  1. Octane says:

    We head back to the farm and prepare for the presumed attack waves. When we arrive, we find Donnie still unconscious. We try to rouse him, but he only tosses and turns. Hollywood, assisted by Dell, is able to wake him.
    Severly fatigued, Hollywood casts heal on Donnie. Immediately, he feels better and asks for a recap of our findings at the two campsites.
    We debrief him and have Clutch check out the weapons we found at the microbrewery. He says they’re ruined.
    We then begin fortifying the perimeter.
    Ballyhoo once again senses a spirit. The same one that was present at the microbrewery. This time, however, he can tell that it is in a building on the premises. He, Hollywood, and I go investigate.
    When we enter the building, we see Chaya sitting on the floor playing with a stuffed animal. Ballyhoo is able to tell that the spirit he senses is coming from her, but is a nature spirit that has been entwined her. He can tell that both her and the spirit have been damaged.
    Hollywood approaches her and talks to her, but is not able to make any progress.
    We return to Donnie and tell him what Ballyhoo sensed. He does not believe that Chaya has anything to do with the attacks, but we convince him to asense her. Even after doing so, he still does not believe and even shows us that she was attacked on the first night.
    Ballyhoo reevaluates his asensing and realizes that the girl’s spirit and the nature spirit are not fighting each other and the nature spirit could be the remnants of the suspect from Donnie’s original investigation.
    Before long, and before we’re able to make any headway with Donnie and Chaya, the compound is attacked by dogs, hellhounds, and a barghest.
    We eliminate the hellhounds and the barghest first. The remaining dogs immmediately turn tail and return to the forest.

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