Into The Shadows — Game Session — 011

Game summary for December 17, 2019, Into The Shadows campaign, Shadowrun 5th Edition, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Ballyhoo (Human Augmenter played by Andrew Renfrow), Clutch (Human Transport Rigger played by Peyton Harmon), Dell (Human Technomancer played by Shane Bradley), Dodger (Human Veteran played by Preston Harmon), Hollywood (Human Combat Medic played by Chris Harmon), and Lefty (Ork Sprawl Ganger played by Parker Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

Dodger and Lefty stepped off the elevator as more Stoddard Security mooks showed up, and more gunfire erupted.  Most of the Stoddard team were armed with Browning Ultra-Power pistols, but one held a Defiance shotgun and began blasting away.  The team opened up with full-auto bursts from Clutch’s drone and Dodger’s AK-97.  Lefty gunned down one of the opposition with his Ruger Super Warhawk. 

Meanwhile, the team tried to prop Dell up and keep him going with magic and stim patches.  He struggled in the Matrix but was finally able to get a mark on the host and start browsing files.  Dodger and Hollywood stood at the ends of the hallway shooting out cameras and blasting suppressive fire toward the security guards coming up the stairs.  Clutch ran into the elevator with Lefty and attempted to hack it but only succeeded in alerting IC.  Ballyhoo and Dell moved toward the elevator as Dodger hurled a grenade down the hallway.  It bounced off some walls and only went about halfway down before exploding.  It knocked out part of the floor, and Dodger tried to throw another.  It exploded prematurely and blasted him down the hallway like a ragdoll.  He careened off the walls and flopped about, finally coming to a battered and unconscious rest near the elevator.  The rest of the team looked on, somewhat stunned, as he rebounded around the hall. 

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