Into The Shadows — Game Session — 008

Game summary for November 19, 2019, Into The Shadows campaign, Shadowrun 5th Edition, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Ballyhoo (Human Augmenter played by Andrew Renfrow), Clutch (Human Transport Rigger played by Peyton Harmon), Dell (Human Technomancer played by Shane Bradley), Hollywood (Human Combat Medic played by Chris Harmon), and Octane (Elf Razor played by Casey Scruggs). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team arrived in the park, and Dell sent up a drone to scout the area.  He noticed another drone and hacked it on the fly to determine it belonged to Ares.  They waited awhile, and three black vans pulled up.  Eight heavily armed Knight Errant employees jumped out to secure the area, and Karen King stepped out.  The team emerged from their van and handed her one of the commlinks.  A dwarf emerged from the van and verified authenticity.  They then handed her the other commlink, and it was also verified.  She handed them 235,000 nuyen worth of credsticks and a generic commlink.  The two parties departed the park, and the team got on Clutch’s Evo Waterking boat and went to Vancouver to lay low awhile.

The next morning, the Ares commlink rang, and Karen King offered to hire them for another run.  She gave some details but wanted to meet in person.  They rode back to Seattle and met her in an airport hangar.  She offered them a run to steal an insurance policy off a secure server inside Brackhaven Investments.  Karen indicated they had an entrance and exit strategy, would pay 80,000 nuyen, and would provide several pieces of loaner and permanent equipment supplies.  The team debated a minute and accepted.  Octane was immediately taken for cyberware implant surgery to receive some alphaware skillwires, and the rest of the team started building a shopping list.