Reign of Winter — Game Session — 100

Game summary for April 30, 2019, Reign of Winter campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Deska Starseeker (Half-Elf Druid played by Kaliegh Averdick), Erris (Arctic Elf Bloodrager played by Casey Scruggs), Magnus Erlingsson (Human Cleric played by Chris Harmon), and Tulvur Xandersen (Troglodyte Fighter played by Taylor Averdick). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team looked around and found what appeared to be some kind of exploration staging area filled with ropes, packs, food, and more.  The supplies were fresh and marked with stamps from Irrisen.  The group found a ledge leading down into a smoke-filled cavern.  Deska wild shaped into a bat and found the chamber quite large.  She then summoned giant eagles to fly them down into the cavern.  The group donned gas masks they found in Russia and explored. 

Emerging from the dark smoke came a glowing plasma ooze!  The creature blasted plasma rays into the team with painful effect.  Tulvur charged forward and split the ooze in half with his sword!  The group began hammering it with magic and summoned monsters.  The oozes grappled some of the team and tried to engulf them, but they could not withstand the combined attacks of the team.  The group then found a partially digested dwarf and recovered his equipment and an eversmoking bottle

The team explored more and found a sinkhole with ropes leading down.  Deska sent down her owl and found two badly burned corpses.  A single “hoot” causes large creatures in the darkness to growl and slither, and the owl retreated.  The team examined all the footprints and found that another individual had gone down the rope but came back up and climbed up a ledge. 

Calling her eagles back, Deska got the team up the ledge.  They went around the corner and found desiccated corpses stacked neatly.  In the center of the room, a Viking-looking man sat on the ground holding a bloody dagger.  He had slit his own throat and let the blood pool in his lap.  His dead eyes stared out at them.  Tulvur approached, and a shrieking, ghostly woman came rushing out of the corpses!  Her hands were crimson red and twitching like a mad puppeteer. 

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