Reign of Winter — Game Session — 085

Game summary for November 6, 2018, Reign of Winter campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Baknarla (Adlet Shaman Ranger played by Shane Bradley), Deska Starseeker (Half-Elf Druid played by Kaliegh Averdick), Erris (Arctic Elf Bloodrager played by Casey Scruggs), Tarik (Human Bard played by Andrew Renfrow), and Tulvur Xandersen (Troglodyte Fighter played by Taylor Averdick). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team entered a large vaulted room filled with horrid fleshy lemure devils toiling away to help a red-skinned pit hag cage swarms of hellwasps.  The devils oozed toward the doors as the party appeared, and the hag began using magic to open the hellwasp cages.  Baknarla hurled a grenade into the room, but by the time it exploded, many of the devils were pressed into the doorway and out of harm’s way.  The hag hurled a fireball out the door and hit everyone.  The hellwasps began flying about stinging anyone and everyone, including the devils.  The pain of the stings caused some of the team to become nauseous from pain, and Shatha was injected with a powerful poison.

The group found the lemures easy targets, but their numbers kept the party from advancing effectively.  Shatha breathed ice, Greta cast cone of cold, and Deska unleashed a barrage of flame strikes.  Both sides activated walls of fire to divide the battlefield into what became a raging inferno.  Fortunately, several of the party warded themselves with resist energy.  Erris got caught up in a couple of swarms, which slowed his advance.  Tarik hit the hag, and several allies, with a shout.  It successfully deafened the hag but also Baknarla!  Tulvur and Erris found their weapon attacks against the hellwasps completely ineffective.  Baknarla kept pressure on the hag, driving her slowly back.  She hit most of the team with waves of fatigue and then affected Tarik with crushing despair.  The poor bard also got nauseated and poisoned by hellwasps.  The team continued making progress, though.  Then, Shatha succumbed to poison and fell over paralyzed!  Tarik stumbled about close to doing the same.  The hag was struck down, and the swarms were either destroyed or driven off.  Finally, as the team stood in a heap of stinking lemure flesh, Baknarla’s grenades exploded due to her standing in the wall of fire!  Several of the team were blasted with concussive force.  However, the group was able to recover their wits and use some restorative ointment to remove poison from Shatha and Tarik.

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