Reign of Winter — Game Session — 073

Game summary for July 24, 2018, Reign of Winter campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: All Might (Human Warpriest played by Andrew Renfrow), Baknarla (Adlet Shaman played by Shane Bradley), Iguruzu Koshin (Human Monk played by Peyton Harmon), Magnus Erlingsson (Dwarf Cleric played by Chris Harmon), and Nikolai Pavlenko (Human Fighter played by Casey Scruggs). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The group investigated Viktor’s corpse and learned it was too damaged for raise dead.  They decided they would need the tombstone fairy’s assistance in bringing him back.  After much consideration on how they would march the body across the camp, they wrapped up his prosthetic leg and cut off his head, which they stuffed into a bag of holding.

The team met with the fairy and finally struck a deal with her that they would deliver Rasputin’s body to her after they killed him in exchange for recovering Viktor.  They sealed the deal by revealing their names to the fairy.  She asked about the body, and they pulled out the head.  She informed them she needed more, so they went up and found some ammo crates and smuggled the body down into the catacombs to her.  The fairy chanted and danced and brought him back to life.  She then gave the soul shawl to Baknarla.  They also asked if she knew anything about Rasputin’s stitched soul and how to kill him.  She said she did and would exchange that information for more payment.  Eventually, they agreed to also deliver to her the body of Elvanna.  She told them how the stitches worked, and the team realized they have their work cut out for them.

The group talked with Viktor awhile and convinced him to help them reconfigure the World Anchors to force the World Engine back into this world.  The team, still disguised with their magic hats, went back to the surface.  A sniper in the ruined chapel saw him and shot him dead.  To try and cover themselves as not being with Viktor, Nikolai shot the body several times himself.  Baknarla then dropped a fog cloud, and the party slipped back into the catacombs with the body.

They asked the tombstone fairy to bring Viktor back, and she asked for more payment.  The group declined and found a “safe” corner of the catacombs to call Zilvazaraat, their mercane contact.  He sold them some scrolls of raise dead, a hat of disguise, and necklaces of fireballs.  The group raised Viktor, put the hat of disguise and an amulet of natural armor on him and went back to the top after they had him give them an overview of how to reconfigure the World Anchors.

The party then went from World Anchor to World Anchor bluffing their way up to do “maintenance.”  Eventually, they configured all four, and the chapel began to materialize!  The sky turned red with swirling clouds, and crackling red-orange lightning crashed all around.  An intense screaming rent the air, and the shimmering chapel appeared from the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom!

The group marched straight for the front door, stopped, and thought maybe they should go get Alexei and Anastasia.  They diverted toward the surgery building and found the kids outside staring at the chapel and sky.  Alexei demanded to know what they had done, and from his comments realized he could see through their disguises.  They tried to lay hands on him, but he suddenly transformed into a massive three-headed dragon and roared in defiance!

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