Ruins of Undermountain — Game Session — 019

Game summary for December 16, 2017, Ruins of Undermountain campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Harm Incorporated. Session included: Boran Gibbs (Human Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Kalil Bakran (Human Sorcerer played by Parker Harmon), Paddy Brandywine (Halfling Bard played by Preston Harmon), and Rumbald Shieldcracker (Dwarf Ranger played by Peyton Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The party entered a weird section of Undermountain wherein snow gently fell and the sound of bells rattled in the distance.  The team found two fairy-like men with red hats, and a large man in a red suit.  In the corner sat an ornate evergreen tree with wrapped packages beneath it.  The fat man turned around; it was Krampus!  The evil faerie finished swallowing some poor individual while his redcaps charged with their iron boots and massive scythes!  The fey proved difficult to harm with their damage reduction, evasion, and spell resistance.  Kalil had mixed success with lightning arc and fire snake while the rest of the team tried their hands at melee.  Eventually, even Kalil was using a melee weapon!  The fighting was prolonged and vicious, but one-by-one, the redcaps fell leaving only Krampus.  He stuffed Paddy into a bag wherein he reverted to a child!  With some quick-thinking he consumed a potion of enlarge person and countered the effect.  Krampus swallowed him anyway.  Boran also got stuffed in the bag while Paddy cut himself out of Krampus’ guts.  Eventually, the team brought down the monster, and the snow and ornate tree faded away.  They found one of the greatest gifts of all in Krampus’ bag, gold.

Next the group came upon a faltering portal to the Nine Hells.  Intense heat washed out and had melted the floor and walls to near lava.  The portal popped out of a existence, and the young infernal dragon that had stumbled through earlier attacked them in a rage!  Kalil hit it full on with a disintegrate, and Boran hit it with cold ice strike and holy smite.  Rumbald managed to cut it down with his axe.

Finally, the group came upon a bizarre yithian and gug savant negotiating over a chest.  They stopped long enough to try and crush the party!  The gug tore into the group with savage teeth and claws.  So brutal was the attack, it kept the party back on its heels for a few moments.  The yithian tried to hold Rumbald with no success.  Kalil’s lightning arc blasted both creatures, and Paddy’s tiny frosty sword dealt nasty wounds.  The gug was cut down, and then Boran accidentally healed the yithian along with his allies.  However, the group rallied and brought down the aberration and claimed the fortune in gems in the chest for themselves.

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