Reign of Winter — Game Session — 041

Game summary for September 5, 2017, Reign of Winter campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Denessia Rapidarma (Dwarf Gunslinger/Paladin played by Casey Scruggs), and Ten-Penny Tacey (Half-Orc Rogue played by Shane Bradley). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The party opened the first door leading out of the temple and ascended a flight of steps until they reached a door.  Ten-Penny picked the lock, and the team entered a roundish room with a stairway spiraling up into the darkness.  Below the landing lay a wooden grate over a pool of congealed blood.  Ten-Penny used a wand to cast levitate on everyone as a precaution, and the group moved up the stairs into a larger room high above.  There they were attacked by a pair of female redcap faeries wearing iron boots and swinging massive scythes!  The redcaps hit with deadly blows, but they were fairly inaccurate.  The group was able to get up into the room and focus attacks on each individually.  Ten-Penny scored a sneak attack on one and caused it to bleed profusely, eventually slaying it.  Denessia used smite evil and scored a critical hit with her divine bound pistol, shooting the remaining redcap dead.  Greta used her spells to heal the party.

The group ascended a ladder and emerged through a trapdoor into a hallway.  They followed the hallway around 700 feet to a door.  Ten-Penny picked the lock, and they discovered a huge room open to the outside with snow blowing in.  Two andrazku demons and a frost giant attacked!  Greta blessed the party and moved in toward the giant with glee.  One of the andrazku activated righteous might while Ten-Penny disappeared using a potion of invisibility.  Denessia slipped in and activated her smite evil against the enlarged demon.  The other andrazku tried to summon more andrazku from the Abyss but failed.  Enraged, it came crashing into the fray.  The frost giant charged Greta and hit her with a devastating blow knocking her back against the wall.  She laughed and painted her face with her own blood and threw herself at the giant, hacking away with her own axe.  After a barrage, she sank her axe in the giant’s chest, wobbling but not killing it.  Ten-Penny appeared behind the giant and used sneak attack to injury and bloody the monster.  The giant got several horrific blows on Ten-Penny before it bled out from the wounds she had inflicted upon it earlier.  With one demon remaining, the team changed tactics.  Greta took the lead with Denessia healing Ten-Penny.  The rogue then slipped around into a flank and helped Greta devastate the last demon.  It fell dead, and Greta began another bloody ritual while defiling the giant’s corpse.  The group discovered the view outside was from the hand of the Mother.  They could see the Maiden and Crone on either side.  They deduced somehow they had magically traveled to the other statue because they had not physically moved far enough.

Next the team went back down the hallway and found another door.  It too was locked, and Ten-Penny picked it.  Within the lavish room they found an attractive young half-elf named Marislova.  At first she accused them of being someone named Jadrenka.  After some discussion, they found that Marislova and Jadrenka are lovers and Jadrenka believes Marislova has cheated on her with the nymph, Kyrisjana.  She loudly proclaimed her innocence and told them Jadrenka had locked her in here.  The more the group talked, the more confused Marislova became and she actually became concerned about Jadrenka’s well-being.  Finally, they realized they had met Jadrenka in the “corn room”, and she keeps giving them keys.  Marislova told them she is the Warden of Artrosa.  She was also able to tell them about a coven of hags that Jadrenka often has power struggles with inside Artrosa.  She learned from the party that Kyrisjana had been slain but that giants and demons were roaming the complex.  Marislova told them they needed to go to the “corn room” to check on Jadrenka.