Small Adventures — Game Session — 005

Game summary for April 22, 2017, Small Adventures campaign, for Small Timers. Session included: Elsbeth Blackburn (Half-Elf Druid played by Maddy Smalling), Kylar Van Bane (Human Sorcerer played by Jack Smalling), Kyras Sonata (Half-Elf Monk/Rogue played by Noah Smalling), Reth Steelarm (Half-Orc Fighter/Rogue played by Luke Smalling), and Valetin Krupova (Halfling Paladin played by Jared Smalling). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

J1: Entombed with the Pharaohs adventure, part 2.

Following the battle with the embalmed entrails, the team found a “safe” corner of the pyramid to make came and nurse their wounds.  The next morning the group decided to descend to the lower floor to explore.  They discovered a room filled with gold coins and wealth too great to count.  Elsbeth used wild shape to assume owl form and flew up onto a wall to look around.  To her horror, she discovered the room from up above makes the shape of the encircled rune of the desert!  She shifted back to human form and yelled back her findings to her companions.  Behind her, a mummified blue dragon emerged from the coins and blasted her with its electricity breath weapon!  It then flew up on the wall with her and bit her savagely!  She wild shaped into a raven and fled at top speed!

The team had a moment of panic as people ran up and down the halls trying to figure out if they fight or flee.  Kylar hurled a fireball into the room and injured the monster.  Neferet stood seemingly dumbfounded at the door muttering to herself.  Valetin charged in activating his smite evil ability!  He was unable to reach the dragon, so he hurled his sword, but it fell well short.  Reth followed him in and hurled a dagger just as inaccurately.  The dragon jumped down and mauled Valetin, but he was able to smite it with sling stones!  Elsbeth lit it up with flaming sphere while Kylar unleashed scorching ray.  Much to their dismay, the team discovered the mummified dragon had an encircled rune of the desert inscribed on its chest, exposing most of them to another portion of the curse.  Finally, Reth ran up the dragon’s back and drove his dagger through its skull, ending its reign of terror.

The team decided to stuff everything they had with gold, go and make charcoal rubbings of the history room above for the Pathfinder Society, and then flee the pyramid with a fortune.  Much to their chagrin, they discovered some sort of curse prevented them from going beyond the runes reading “Point of no return.”  Valetin studied a while and deduced that defeating all the pharaohs would break the curse and allow them to leave.

The group returned to the treasure room and cautiously opened the stone sarcophagus they had found.  Within they discovered a desiccated body.  Afraid, they poked it with sticks.  When it didn’t move, they burned it to ash.  They then found a secret compartment filled with puzzle pieces.  One was another rune, but the other they believed overcame this pharaoh’s part of the locking curse.

The group rode up the golem “elevator” to the third floor.  They found illusions showing life in ancient Osirion as if they were windows looking out at the people around the pyramid.  The team entered a room with a floating glowing sarcophagus.  About halfway into the room, the team ran into some sort of barrier or wall.  The sarcophagus opened, and an oddly beautiful mummy emerged.  She began speaking to them in Ancient Osirion but quickly grew bored even with Neferet translating.  She opened a secret door and sat down on a large throne as a cat-headed panthereon golem entered the room!  She threw a level, and suddenly the entrance collapsed trapping most of the team in the room but Kylar on the outside in the hallway!  They found the floor was now on a counter balance, and the golem dragged weights out of alcoves onto the floor which caused his side of the room to sink down and the party’s side to raise toward the ceiling!  The group realized with enough weight, it would crush them alongside the old brown bloodstains on the ceiling.  They discovered weights in alcoves on their side, and a frantic race ensued with each side pulling weights down onto the floor.  The floors went back and forth until the mummy tried to “tip the scales.”  She summoned an earth elemental!  The heavy creature gave a significant advantage, but the team still held their own pretty well.  After a while, the elemental dissipated back to its own plane, and the sudden shift in weight caused the golem’s side of the platform to fly upward and smash into the ceiling, destroying it!  However, the team is currently trapped between the rocky floor before them and the fallen slab behind them.