Savage! — Game Session — 026

Game summary for May 10, 2016, Savage! campaign, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Blazing Sun (Kau Human Sage played by Kaliegh Belda), Night Watcher (Ogre Martial Artist played by Casey Scruggs), Singing Mammoth (Elf Soldier played by Taylor Averdick), Standing Bison (Giant Soldier played by Peyton Harmon), and Wolf Spirit (Kompache Human Priest played by Chris Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team continued through the plains, and their horses caught the attention of Scar, the alpha bulette!  It burst from the ground and ate Wolf Spirit’s horse right out from under him!  The team closed in as the bulette swallowed the horse and attacked the team.  Several moments went by with some wounds landing on both sides; however, Night Watcher landed the killing blow.

After recovering and moving on, the team came upon the supply line and base camp of the Nightmare Company.  The team smelled a meaty aroma and discovered several large fire pits burned down to coals with spits above.  Men and elves hung above the flames cooking in the heat!  A skyclad yaqyachi woman chanted a spell and animated the cooking corpses as she cut them free!  The roasted shamblers let out shrieks and lurched toward the party.  The team moved to engage.  Much to their chagrin, they discovered the shamblers exploded upon their death in a shower of bones and gore!  It did not take much to take down the marbaq, the undead, but the yaqyachi and Nightmare rider proved a bit more resilient.  The rider shattered his macuahaitl upon the ground in an epic miss against Standing Bison.  Meanwhile, Wolf Spirit deftly avoid curse after spell from the priestess.  Soon, the team had defeated all of the enemies and began to search the camp.

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