Savage! — Game Session — 010

Game summary for December 29, 2015, Savage! campaign, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Spirit Walker (Naci Human Assassin played by Andrew Renfrow), Standing Bison (Giant Soldier played by Peyton Harmon), and Wolf Spirit (Kompache Human Priest played by Chris Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The party set out toward the Swamps of Woe to find Cueyatitahtli. Along the way, they were accosted by a band of beggars and lepers who wanted food and supplies. The team scared them off, but Spirit Walker and Wolf Spirit came down with the flu for a couple days. They picked up a tail, a scout of the Nightmare Company! After some clever maneuvering, they were able to lose him and head out of his range of vision. Once they arrived, they convinced some locals to give them some guidance to safer, solid ground in the swamp which allowed the team to travel well into the depths.

The group found the lacerated corpse of a black bear just as a pack of pristichampus crocodilians moved in to feed. The massive reptiles viciously mauled Spirit Walker’s horse, and it died in bloody tatters. Standing Bison was able to smash one of the pristichampus to death in a single blow. The fighting was quick, and the party got out with only the loss of one mount.

Soon, a horrendous thunderstorm set in, and the team had to scrounge around for shelter to ride it out. Following the storm, the group made camp and lit a fire. They realized they were surrounded by swamp gas and quickly stamped out the flames! The team contended with venomous cottonmouths, trench foot, and diseased mosquitos.

Deep in the swamp, the group came upon four bullywugs, man-like frog men. Spirit Walker moved up front and got flanked. The bullywug muckers stabbed him with spears, bit him, and slapped him with their club-like tongues. Before long, he lay on the ground unconscious and dying, but not before sinking his dagger into the chest of one of the bullywugs. A bullywug croaker closed in and unleashed its booming stunning croak! The sound stunned Standing Bison for several moments. With the giant staggering about and Spirit Walker bleeding out, things looked grim. However, the bullywug Spirit Walker injured dropped dead from the dagger wounds. The wolf tripped the croaker repeatedly while Wolf Spirit slashed away with his axe. Standing Bison shook off his stun, and Spirit Walker stabilized. With the upper hand lost, the team quickly dispatched the frog men!