Savage! – Game Session – 002

Game summary for October 20, 2015, Savage! campaign; PCs included Blazing Sun (Kau human sage), Night Watcher (ogre martial artist), Singing Mammoth (elf soldier), Standing Bison (giant soldier), and Wolf Spirit (Kompache human priest).

The group spent 8 hours trying to forage for food and ended up being spotted by a scout for the Nightmare Company. They fled into the night and came across a pack of wolves, led by a fearsome vargr, that had recently killed a bison. They engaged the wolves with quickly, with Wolf Spirit getting several on him quickly as Singing Mammoth’s arrows whistled through the air. Standing Bison and Blazing Sun moved against the vargr while Night Watcher came up the middle. The smaller pack wolves were brought down quickly, but the tough vargr shook off some devastating blows to remain in the fight a bit longer.

The team continued their journey until they reached the Speaking Lion Ravine. A great rope bridge spread out over the shallow ravine, and as the team moved through, a pack of slavering gnolls emerged! The beasts whirled bolas and swing great stone-bladed axes. Their shaman chanted ghula-tainted words of power and summoned magic of fiery destruction. The team split up to fight the gnolls on two sides and make great progress. Disaster struck the gnoll shaman as he ignited himself on fire with a miscast spell. The team quickly took down the other gnolls while Night Watcher and Standing Bison squared off against the burning shaman. With a vicious stroke, Night Watcher cut down the shaman in a shower of blood. The team searched the bodies and began discussing how to prepare for Paqpopoca’s caravan.

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