Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 108

Game summary for September 15, 2015, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Shadows of Gallowspire adventure; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human afflicted dire werewolf oracle), Gnok Thatek (dwarf vampire monk), Radimir Dragomirov (human huecuva lord cleric), Thrain (graveknight dwarf slayer), and Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (human brine lich abjurer/cleric/mystic theurge), accompanied by NPC companion Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric) and cohort Bartemus Grimm (dwarf gunslinger), Lucretia Ivankov (human vampire spawn sorcerer), and Shaddoc Moana (human brineborn barbarian).

The team began to ascend the Bone Stair rising around the inner core of Gallowspire. They moved up to the second level where they triggered a trap of pendulums made of web holding blades! The wicked edges slashed through the team as they scurried for cover. From the stair, Zedd cast true seeing and discovered a massive Leng spider hiding under cover of invisibility!

The team dropped a flame strike in the room burning the webs to nothingness and causing the spider to attack! It focused on a big juicy morsel, the dire werewolf, Dario! It sank its enormous fangs into his chest and pumped him full of hallucinogenic poison! Thrain and Gnok moved in to flank while Radimir warded himself with magic. Shaddoc was knocked unconscious as Zedd moved up and hit the spider with dehydrating touch! The group tore into the spider, and before it could flee, Gnok struck a death blow.

The team searched the area and nursed wounds before proceeding to the next level of Gallowspire. They found this level to have a large open balcony and four braziers of blazing blue flame. The fire animated, emerged as hulking humanoid shapes, and advanced on the party!

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