Harm Incorporated – Ruins of Undermountain – Game Session – June 2015

Game summary for June 30, 2015, Ruins of Undermountain campaign; PCs included Abiron Morikis (human brawler [shield champion]), Boran Gibbs (human cleric), Kalil Bakran (human sorcerer), Paddy Brandywine (halfling bard [archaeologist]), Rumbald Shieldcracker (dwarf ranger [dungeon rover]), and Zuriel Broadleaf (elf druid [treesinger]).


The group encountered two additional explorers, Abiron Morikis and Zuriel Broadleaf, and combined forces in their continued delve. They entered a room filled with straw and glowing blue moss occupied by ravenous gnolls! The slavering brutes attacked and were soon greeted by Zuriel’s treant companion! Boran tried to flank to the right while Rumbald went left. Paddy went up the middle with the treant as Kalil launched scorching ray. One gnoll went down under a bashing of tree limbs as another succumbed to Abiron’s vicious flurry and flying knee! The spear-wielding gnoll revealed himself a spellcaster capable of healing his ally, but it was too little too late. The group swarmed in and took him down.

The team moved into another room and found a talking cobra! Paddy did some negotiating, and it agreed to let them pass for 50 gold pieces and 25% of their cash treasure found past its door. As the snake counted its coins, the group moved on.

The next room held a single stone statue appearing much like a fat orc with a hinged jaw and keyhole nostrils. Paddy attempted to pick the nose… er… lock. Instead, he discovered it was a trap! Hidden nozzles sprayed misty oil into the air and a spark ignited a conflagration! Boran was burned, but the rest of the team avoided the fires. The treant smashed the statue to rubble, and the group found a hidden cache of treasure underneath!

Moving on, the team found a pair of rawbone bugbears! The hideous skeletons dripped blood from chunks of muscle and tendon still clinging to their forms. Rage filled the creatures at the presence of living creatures, and the undead tried to smash them with their spiked clubs! Paddy took a severe beating but Abiron tagged one with his shield. Rumbald clipped one with his axe but had little effect. A searing light from Boran blasted one and allowed the treant to move in and clobber it. Zuriel then finished off the other with an impressive flame strike. The team looted the bodies and went off in search of other unexplored tunnels of fearsome Undermountain!

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