Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 092

Game summary for April 21, 2015, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Shadows of Gallowspire adventure; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human afflicted dire werewolf oracle), Gnok Thatek (dwarf vampire monk), Radimir Dragomirov (human cleric), and Thrain (dwarf slayer), accompanied by NPC companions Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric), and Bhagesh (pavbagha) and cohorts Lucretia Ivankov (human vampire spawn sorcerer) and Tiberius Shortshanks (dwarf fighter).

The team tore into the mummies as they emerged, and a flame strike took out several! Radimir cast true seeing upon Gnok who realized the room also held invisible stalkers! Knowing how the mummies were released, they focused on this unseen foe and took them down. They then discovered a small fortune in ancient Osirian gold among the wrappings!

The group then headed down a flight of dark stairs into an old dormitory. Within, they are attacked by four mohrgs! The tongue-lashing undead were soon joined by half a dozen Renchurch novices! The fearsome group was hit by more flame strike magic and a barrage of Gnok’s attacks; however, one of the mohrg’s paralyzed Tiberius and then killed him! He quickly reanimated as an undead monster himself!

Pressed by the horde of monsters, the team fights to hold their position on the stairs!

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