Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 081

Game summary for December 23, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Shadows of Gallowspire adventure; PCs included Brutus Bonesmasher (human fighter), Dario Malavasi (human afflicted dire werewolf oracle), Gnok Thatek (dwarf vampire monk), Malthus Brightray (half-elf cleric), and Thrain (dwarf slayer) accompanied by NPC companions Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric) and Bhagesh (pavbagha) and cohorts Lucretia Ivankov (human vampire spawn sorcerer) and Tiberius Shortshanks (dwarf fighter).

Lucretia utilized a scroll of teleport and suffered some kind of mishap. Nothing appeared to happen, but the spell did not go into effect. She attempted another scroll and ended up in a vertigo-inducing tumble through dimensions. The entire team fell through another witchgate, and many were sickened by the rough trip. Upon emerging, a crippled crag linnorm emerged from a cave! Its tail had been severed and was rotting and leaving a trail of ichor. Brutus taunted and mocked the dragon, and the enraged monster attacked!

The team charged in and found their weapons barely harmed the monster, and fire seemed to roll off it. The linnorm breathed forth a line of molten magma! It hit Malthus and Thrain and burnt them severely. Gnok, fortunately, evaded the attack. Tiberius bounced crossbow bolts off the beast’s scales and Lucretia discovered it had tremendous spell resistance, negating her scorching ray attack. Nyssa cast good hope while Gnok landed an energy draining blow! Dario was able to make use of harm but had to charge through the lava to deliver it. Malthus cast mass bull’s strength, and Thrain succeeded in landing a devastating critical hit with his pick! The dragon reeled beneath the onslaught!

Horribly injured but not out of the fight, the linnorm sank its poisoned fangs into Dario! The fiery poison caused his blood to boil and his internal organs to combust! He writhed in flame as the dragon tore open his flesh with its claws. He passed out from the agony and damage. Lucretia hit the dragon with an acidic energy burst, Brutus wailed away with his hammer, and Gnok was able to land a killing blow which triggered a death curse that settled over him!

Meanwhile, Dario’s unconscious form flopped and smoked from the insidious burning poison searing through his tissue. In moments he died from the venom. With the dragon also slain, Malthus ran forward and cast breath of life upon Dario as Nyssa cast delay poison. Malthus then followed with neutralize poison. Restored to life and stability, Dario cast restoration upon himself to recover from the horrible damage done to his organs. Finally, he cast heal upon himself.

Having barely survived, the team then moved into the linnorm’s cave to explore. They found a small fortune in coins and magic along with a bizarre tome. The book had the ability to give humanoid form to a normal animal and fill it with the spirit of a fallen warrior from ages past! After much debate, the group decided to use the book. Thrain was able to trap a grizzly bear, and Dario read the book! As they watched, the bear transformed and a new hero arose to join the party!