Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 068

Game summary for August 26, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Ashes at Dawn adventure; PCs included Brutus Bonesmasher (human fighter), Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk), and Malthus Brightray (half-elf cleric), accompanied by NPC companions Alleric Swiftblade (half-elf rogue) and Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric).

Setting off into the dark tunnels toward the Vampire Underground, the team advanced cautiously with detect undead and death ward active. However after quite a while of travel and encountering nothing, their spells expired. After a bit, the team was suddenly surrounded by a pack of flushed vampires whom some of the team noticed had dilated eyes. After a few quick words, the group convinced them to take them to an audience with the eldest vampire, Luvick Siervage.

The team was escorted before the court of the ancient one and greeted as either brave men or fools. They discussed the vampire murders and entered into an agreement with Luvick. If they bring the murderer to him, he will tell all he knows about the Whispering Way. He gave them a signet ring and fairly free reign to roam his territory and speak with the other vampires.

The group first spoke with Luvick’s retainer and tailor, Radvir Giovanni. He revealed documents taken from the nobles of Caliphas showing contracts for the slaying of various vampires. It also included the mark of Ramoska Arkminos, a nosferatu currently imprisoned by Luvick. He also told them one of the slain vampires was an elder named Lucian.

Next, the team met Ramoska in his cell. The disturbing creature formed out of a pile of vermin to appear as a bald, gaunt, horrific humanoid. The bizarre monster told them it was being framed because of its connection to the Whispering Way. It claimed to have helped the Way with a potion that could transform a single individual, willing or otherwise, into a lich! He said the Way betrayed him and never paid, so if the party would clear his name with Luvick, he would tell them all about the Way including where they have gone after leaving Caliphas!

The team then moved to the parlor of Lady Evgenya Zunaida, a decadent vampire noble obsessed with nobility and pleasure. She insisted Gnok dance with her to prove the legendary grace and dexterity of the dwarves. He did his best version of a dance, much to her delight. Pleased, she told them all the victims were master vampires with enslaved thralls. She also indicated those released thralls were acting somewhat strange, seemed flushed, and acted almost as if they had a new master.

Desmond Kote was next on their list to visit. This powerful religious zealot is a servant of Zaebos, the infernal duke of arrogance, nobility, and perversion. He was in the middle of sparing with two other vampires and soundly thumbing them when the team arrived. Dario politely apologized for disturbing them, which seemed to infuriate Desmond. He demanded Dario step out of his shrine, but Dario stood his ground and stared down the great vampire. Soon the vampire laughed and appreciated the tenacity of the mortal in the face of certain death. He gave the team a furniture leg carved into a stake. He showed them others; the collected murder weapons! He tasked them with finding the source of the furniture legs in the city above.

The team went back to the surface, got breakfast, and they slept for eight hours. Next they got up, had lunch and started scouring the city for the right furniture maker. After some time, the located the craftsman. They spoke with the man and learned the tailor next door had purchased dozens of such furniture legs a couple of weeks earlier…

Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 067

Game summary for August 19, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Ashes at Dawn adventure; PCs included Brutus Bonesmasher (human fighter), Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk), Malthus Brightray (half-elf cleric), and Radimir Dragomirov (human cleric), accompanied by NPC companions Alleric Swiftblade (half-elf rogue) and Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric).

The dropped down into the underground chamber and found two storage rooms filled with gardening tools. They then went down another tunnel and found a connection to the sewer. Crossing the bridge, the team discovered half a dozen vampire spawn! Brutus was dominated and forced to turn on his allies with his flaming hammer! The group moved in to engage, and several flame strike spells from Malthus and Dario burnt the vampires into mist form.

The team chased down the mist and found the vampires recovering in their coffins. They staked each through the heart and decapitated them, sending the foul undead into the afterlife. The group then discovered another door leading to the Vampire Underground! They decided, however, to investigate a room they left behind them.

Entering the room, they found three upright coffins, four large clay urns, and an ash tree growing underground in troughs of soil. Radimir used true seeing and discovered the tree was actually the vampire they fought in the greenhouse! They pieced together that she must be a druid! Instead of resting in a coffin, she takes a tree form. Nyssa used dispel magic to force her back into her humanoid form where the group promptly staked and decapitated her. They stole her treasure and headed back toward the Underground.

Harm Incorporated – Lair Assault: Talon of Umberlee

Game summary for August 12, 2014, Lair Assault: Talon of Umberlee adventure; PCs included Arlana Feyblood (eladrin rogue), Darmesh Battlehorn (minotaur warlord), Hildgar Ironbeard (dwarf cleric), and Scrag Icevein (half-orc fighter).

The team approached Murdershoal in a single boat. Arlana and Scrag crept silently into the pirate lair, but Darmesh’s hooves clacked and clattered, waking the two drunken pirates! Battle ensued! Numerous pirates came swarming down into the room. Hildgar used water walk to enter another room while the team fought the numerous pirates.

Arlana and Scrag engaged in two brutal swordfights while Darmesh launched crossbow bolts across the room. Darla Deadeye and Captain Bloodbath waded into the fray as well. Deadeye began pin cushioning Darmesh with hand crossbow bolts while Arlana and Scrag began taking down the pirates one by one. Darmesh then jumped into the sea and swam to another part of the pirate lair to search for the Talon of Umberlee. Meanwhile, Captain Bloodbath went to the other room where Hildgar was engaged with two more pirates. The dwarven cleric used a command to force the Captain to walk herself into the sea! He then smashed the lock and found the artifact!

Arlana and Scrag finished off several pirates and scrambled for the boat. Darmesh, Scrag, and Hildgar ended up in the rowboat, but Arlana began to drown. The team rowed near her, and she was able to scramble into the boat. The team then escaped from Murdershoal!

Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 066

Game summary for August 7, 2014, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Ashes at Dawn adventure; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Emilian Sandulescu (human paladin/ranger), Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk), Radimir Dragomirov (human cleric), and Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (human abjurer/cleric/mystic theurge), accompanied by NPC companions Alleric Swiftblade (half-elf rogue) and Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric).

The exotic woman gazed intently at Emilian, and he felt her unholy touch reaching into his soul. He shook off her suggestive mental commands and drew forth his bow. Gnok charged in and found the vegetation razor sharp and entangling! As he struggled to close in the party cast enhancing spells such as haste and blessing of fervor. When Gnok finally closed in, he punched her in the face but discovered it was like hitting a granite statue! She backhanded him in the face, rattling his resolve! Dario unleashed flame strike while Radimir cast searing light, both to good effect. The vampire countered with spells of her own, ice storm and sirocco. All of these effects meant the team was pinned down and very limited in ability to close in with her. However, Gnok finally got her in a grapple to which she responded by turning into gaseous form. Radimir channeled positive energy as well. The vampire remained in gaseous form and disappeared down into a tunnel below the slain flytrap. Dario and Emilian cut away the plant material to reveal an underground chamber with two hallways leading away.