Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 037

Game summary for December 12, 2013, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Broken Moon adventure; PCs included Caerwen (elf monk), Dario Malavasi (human oracle), Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk), and Tigris Inebriavi (elf magus), accompanied by NPC companion Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric).

As Mathus and Cybrisa died, the werewolf archers shifted into wolf form and fled into the woods pursued by the Primals.  The team spent the next 24 hours cleansing the temple of Desna.  Once completed, the enacted the communion ritual and were shown a vision of a potential future directly from the goddess herself:

The PCs see themselves facing a black-robed necromancer wearing a bone breastplate as he stands before a ruined tower; fighting a terrifying, tentacled monster deep beneath the sea; confronting a beautiful female vampire spellcaster in an underground chamber; and battling a decaying lich, blazing with arcane power, atop a high spire beneath dark, churning clouds.

Following the vision, the party members’ eyes turned silver, and they found themselves inherently enhanced by the experience, either by greater Wisdom or Charisma.

The team then decided to return with Delgros’ body to Ascanor Lodge with the heart of Mathus Mordrinacht.  Along the way, they discovered the slaughtered horse of Duristan but no sign of their friend.  After the grisly discovery, they ran into Rhakis Szadro, pack leader of the Prince’s Wolves!  He and four others approached in human form and offered to make a deal with the team.  According to Rhakis, the Demon Wolves led by antipaladin Adimarus Ionacu, were in hot pursuit of the Whispering Way to gain the remnants of Kvalca Sain’s heart.  If the Demon Wolves become the dominant pack, Rhakis claimed a new era of bloodshed and demonic sacrifice would spill out of the Shudderwood into the rest of Ustalav.  He proposed the party allow him to consume the heart of Mathus and claim title of packlord.  He would try to enforce some stability among the werewolves from Highthrone if the party would chase after the Whispering Way and Demon Wolves and make sure Adimarus does not claim Sain’s heart.  He would tell them where the Whispering Way is going and provide them tokens denoting their friendship with the Prince’s Wolves.  The party decided the enemy of their enemy was, if not a friend, not an enemy.  They agreed, and Rhakis wolfed down Mathus’ heart and proclaimed himself the new packlord of the Shudderwood!  He provided the tokens and directed the party toward an old ghost town called Feldgrau deep in the Ardeal.  He also agreed to return the body of Delgros to the lodge as well as seek out the body of Echtmoor Dravin for Margrave Cilas Graydon.

The party rode out toward Feldgrau and discovered an old farmhouse with a strange tree with four dead werewolves hanging from the branches.  They all realized it was an illusion or hallucination and the bodies were actually dead humans.  Spooked, the team skirted wide and left the tree behind.

Two days into their four day journey, they made camp.  Before they could rest, a pair of monstrous undead charged into their midst!  The festrogs were the size of ogres and tore into Caerwen!  He fought back, but the pestilent creatures ripped flesh from his bones to repair their own!  A nasty battle ensued with pus spraying around, but the party dropped the creatures fairly quickly.