Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 027

Game summary for September 26, 2013, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Trial of the Beast adventure; PCs included Annoc Zantar (human barbarian), Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk), and Irnadette Steelsoul (elan psion), accompanied by NPC companion Heidi Loenhardt (human cleric).

The party entered the double doors to another building in the Schloss Caromarc complex.  Within they discovered a bizarre collection of preserved monsters and animals.  In one room they found a pair of sarcophagi, and Gnok began poking around.  He discovered one of the sarcophagi was a mimic!  Annoc charged in and injured the creature, but it swung a pseudopod at him and glued itself to his chest!  Gnok then punched it and found himself glued to the aberration as well.  As the party pummeled the mimic to death, a mummy emerged from the other sarcophagus and paralyzed Annoc with fear.

The mummy moved forward and backhanded the helpless barbarian.  Still glued to the dead mimic, Gnok struggled to fight the mummy and was soon cursed with mummy rot!  Irnadette used fire psionics to damage the mummy while Heidi channeled positive energy to heal injuries.  Annoc snapped out of his stupor and sliced off the mimic appendage to make himself more mobile.  The team battered the undead creature, and Irnadette blasted it out off of its feet with more fire.

The group then looked around and discovered a secret door leading upstairs.  The team went up and found a room of chests and crates.  Annoc blasted one of the chests apart using a ring of the ram found on the mummy and found two shrieking medusa heads within!  The horrendous creatures screamed and attacked!  The party soon defeated the monsters but turned around to see an enormous blind monster emerge from the doorway tethered to a trio of homunculi!