Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 023

Game summary for August 22, 2013, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Trial of the Beast adventure; PCs included Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk), and Irnadette Steelsoul (elan psion), accompanied by NPC companion Heidi Loenhardt (human cleric).

Gnok led the way up the ladder and triggered a sonic trap that stunned the party.  Meanwhile, a third snapjaw homunculus attacked.  After shaking off the disorientation, Gnok surged up the ladder and smashed the homunculus.

The team then moved down the ladder and down the hallway and discovered a hideous monstrosity, a fleshless man hurling vials of exploding fire and acid!  Another violent battle erupted, and the fleshless man was pinned into a corner.  He grievously wounded Gnok, but Heidi’s channeled energy kept him upright.  Meanwhile, Irnadette fired heavy crossbow bolts into the man’s torso.  Finally, Gnok succeeded in using his Tiger Style to rip out the man’s throat.

The team discovered a locked closest with a morbid content:  a cabinet filled with suits of flesh!  They figured out the man could wear the skins of others, including a large Shambling Man with scales, feathers, and other mismatched flesh.  They found the suit had tears in the shoulder, and the fleshless man (whom they determined was Vorkstag) had scars on his shoulder matching a blood caiman bite.

The group carried Vorkstag’s body, the flesh suits, and a bound Grine boldly through Lepidstadt to the courthouse, which caused quite a ruckus among the cityfolk.  The authorities swarmed to Vorkstag and Grine’s to secure the area and collect any additional evidence.  The party retired for the evening to prepare to defend the Beast in court.

The next day, the team took the stand and gave astounding evidence to the innocence of the Beast including the confession of Grine!  After an hour of deliberation, a verdict of not guilty was delivered on all counts!  The courthouse erupted in an uproar, but the Beast was ordered to be released under the cover of darkness in an undisclosed location.  The Beast thanked the party and called them his dearest friends.  He invited them to come visit him at the home of his “father” at Schloss Caromarc.

The party then met with Judge Daramid to collect their payment.  She encouraged them to seek the Beast at Schloss Caromarc and learn more of the Beast’s creator.  They agreed and headed north to the castle.  They arrived after a few days of travel in miserable weather.  As they approached the gatehouse, two enormous hideous hounds stood up and charged forward!