Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 012

Game summary for May 30, 2013, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, The Haunting of Harrowstone adventure; PCs included Amras Amandill (half-elf inquisitor), Dinendal Ironbow (elf ranger), Gnok Thatek (dwarf monk), Irnadette Steelsoul (elan psion), and Malthus Brightray (half-elf cleric) accompanied by NPC companion Thorkatla Foamflagon (dwarf cleric).

The party, battered by the Lopper, fled back to Ravengro to regroup.  They went to various establishments trying to see if anything new was happening in town.  They grew suspicious of the interactions between Sheriff Caeller and Jominda the Apothecary.  The team had lunch at the Laughing Demon tavern and heard of a minstrel in town.  The group went to listen to him play his lute at the posting poles.

While Mel the minstrel played, a pair of stirges flew over the rooftops and attacked!  Both Irnadette and Thorkatla were grappled and had blood drained, but the rest of the group sprang into action.  Gnok splattered one with an elbow, and Dinendal skewered the other with is rapier!  Soon after the attack, the team met another traveler, Malthus Brightray.  This cleric of Sarenrae was intrigued by their adventures and decided to help them explore the prison.  The team returned to Kendra’s to rest and recover spells.

Bright and early the team went to Harrowstone Prison and did some research.  They discovered the histories of both the Lopper and Father Charlatan!  Refreshed, the team cast several spells upon themselves and delved back into the depths of the prison.  They went down to find the Lopper and discovered him back in his oubliette!  A brutal fight ensued, with Thorkatla wielding the Lopper’s physical axe, Dinendal using ghost touch arrows, Amras using disrupt undead, Irnadette using energy ray, and Malthus channeling positive energy!  The fighting was intense, with bloody slashes of the spectral creature’s axe ripping through the characters.  However, some well-timed healing, good fortune during the battle, and a strong desire to put this spirit to rest propelled the team to victory!  They then went down into the oubliette and discovered a number of coins and valuable equipment, including a magical mace!

The team then went down another hallway, found a guard room, and raised an obstructing portcullis.  They peered into the Reaper’s Hold and prepared for whatever horrors lie beyond.

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