Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 006

Game summary for March 28, 2013, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, The Haunting of Harrowstone adventure; PCs included Amras Amandill (half-elf inquisitor), Dinendal Ironbow (elf ranger), Sealamin Laughshield (gnome fighter), and Stoella Carter (human evoker).

The group, after hours of research, decided to explore some more of the prison.  They discovered stairs leading down, which were blocked, and stairs leading up, which they walked away from.  They went into the old prison infirmary where they were startled by the sudden appearance of a poltergeist!  Everyone but Amras ran off in fear.  He instead stood his ground and vanquished it using numerous disrupt undead spells.  It was not without effort, however, because the spirit battered him with several medical supplies including smashing a beaker in his face!  Stoella, recovered from the fear, was able to help Amras in the end though with a well-placed force missile.

The party proceeded through a door out of the infirmary and found an old furnace room.  Amras noticed a haunt activating and pulled a haunt siphon, but the haunt was too strong for just one!  The haunt made the furnace seem to flare to life with licking flames and an evil iron face.  The flaming tongue shot forth and charred Amras to within an inch of life.  His unconscious smoldering form collapsed nearly lifeless onto the floor.  Thinking quickly, Dinendal grabbed Amras’ other haunt siphon off his belt and disrupted the furnace haunt!  Stoella spent some time trickling potions of cure light wounds down what remained of Amras’ throat while Dinendal discovered charred human remains within the furnace.  After Amras returned to consciousness, Stoella poured holy water over the bones which seemed to lift the oppressive force of the haunt from the room!

The group consulted their map and went to investigate a steel door they had yet to open.  Unable to get through, they went outside and peeked in through a barred window.  Within were numerous items labeled with little tags.  Stoella was able to extract a small pouch using mage hand and discovered it filled with a dozen masterwork shuriken which she saved for Gnok.

The group went back into the old training room and peered into the hole leading into darkness.  Amras cast light on a copper coin and dropped it down the hole.  It splashed into a not terribly deep pool of water approximately twenty feet down.  From what they could tell, the hole opens up into a larger cavern.

Faced with the options of exploring the second level of the prison or delving underneath, the party decided to instead return to town and rest.  They plan to then meet with Alendru Ghoroven at the Unfurling Scroll and see if he has any magic items that might let them through the steel door they discovered earlier.

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