The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief – Game Session – 008

Game summary for August 16, 2012, Priscus Venatus campaign, G1: The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief adventure; present PCs included Althion Whiteoak (fighter), Ardel Blueback (dwarf fighter), Crularin Gellantara (druid), and Emeran Galathar (elf fighter/magic-user) along with henchman Mara Woodstride (elf fighter/magic-user).

The group continued down the hallway and found several rooms of chained orc slaves.  The team recruited them to the cause and freed them to flee back to the caves and await the uprising.  During the escape, two hill giants attacked!  Crularin softened them up with a wall of fire, and the melee team took them down quickly.

The Swords of Greyhawk then advanced and found the forge.  Within, two fire giants moved to engage.  Althion found himself facing two of them alone momentarily and took a horrendous blow from one of their hammers!  Emeran used the wand of wonder to summon rain which caused dense smoke and steam from the forge, obscuring the battlefield for everyone.  He followed up by using the wand to summon a fearsome mouse who fled down a hole.  Crularin moved up to support Althion while Ardel cut down one of the giants.  Mara used Melf’s acid arrow to injure the other before Ardel, Althion, and Crularin were able to whittle it down.

The team then advanced north and found some bugbears guarding more orc prisoners.  The team fought the bugbears and prepared to free the orcs.

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