The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief – Game Session – 005

Game summary for July 26, 2012, Priscus Venatus campaign, G1: The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief adventure; present PCs included Althion Whiteoak (fighter), Ardel Blueback (dwarf fighter), Crularin Gellantara (druid), Drake Spellking (human cleric/magic-user), and Emeran Galathar (elf fighter/magic-user).

The group advanced silently through a door and surprised a group of ogres playing knucklebones.  The team dispatched them quickly and quietly and then found the kitchen.  The team noticed orc slaves serving the giants in the main hall and lured one away with a trail of coins.  Talking to the captured orc, they learned there is a secret rebellion growing below, but he was unsure how to get to the orcs in the lower levels.

Crularin shifted into rodent form and scouted around searching for stairs.  He eventually found a set in the pantry, so the group assumed this must be the right direction.  The team slipped down the stairs and into a large open stone-floored room.  The team followed a path to a large water cistern.  Unimpressed, they backtracked and found a wine cellar.  Within they discovered a skull-marked keg and took it within a bag of holding.

The team backtracked again and found another doorway.  On the other side was a row of cells and two bugbears staring at the entryway!

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