White Plume Mountain – Game Session – 006

Game summary for June 7, 2012, Priscus Venatus campaign, S2: White Plume Mountain adventure; present PCs included Althion Whiteoak (fighter), Crularin Gellantara (druid), Drake Spellking (half-elf cleric/magic-user), Emeran Galathar (elf fighter/magic-user), and Marcus Godse (half-orc assassin/fighter).

The party began discussions with the plump halfling and tried to speak with him in his native tongue.  Oddly enough, he didn’t seem to speak halfling.  Marcus ordered Frank to pick up the halfling while the rest searched the room.  A moment later, the halfling’s flesh melted and swirled, and he grew into the shape of a massive ogre mage!  He spoke charming words to Althion, clouding his mind!  Fortunately, Crularin realized what happened and cast dispel magic to bring him back to his right mind.

Drake smashed his flail into the ogre, and Crularin caught him in a wall of fire.  Marcus finished him off with a well-placed sword thrust.  The team then searched the room and discovered the mystical blade Blackrazor!  Marcus and the blade seemed to bond.

The team split up on the way out, with Crularin and Drake slipping out on their own while Althion, Emeran, Marcus, and Frank the flesh golem running into twin efreeti, Nix and Nox!  The pair tried to convince the party to come along peacefully for indoctrination, but they refused.  A brutal fight ensued, with walls of fire and vicious sword wounds being dished out.  Althion landed some great axe blows, Emeran sank an arrow, and Marcus drove one back with the stinging kiss of Blackrazor.  However, Nix’ and Nox’ magic proved devastating, badly injuring Althion and forcing Marcus to turn his back and get cut down by Nox!  Althion and Emeran fled back up the hallway and hid with invisibility potions while Frank beat the efreeti in battle.

The last two Swords of Greyhawk, along with Frank the flesh golem, left White Plume Mountain with the three weapons of power.  They then stopped by a roadside tavern and hired on mercenary Rowena Starblaze to join in their travels.